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Published on 08 Dec 2011 | over 5 years ago

These are the questions being answered in this week's episode!

- what percentage of t-girls do you think embrace the use of their cock? oh and how many do you think choose to be trans rather than believe they were born that way?

- A question/observation I have from viewing transsexual porn is that I am wondering who all of these performers are? Are they actual T-girls or are they gay men? It seems as though there are too many for them all to be consider themselves transsexual in the sense that they believe they were born in the wrong body and want to have a full sex change since many do not. And then there is the way that they use their penises during the actual sex act whether they are receiving oral sex or on top during anal sex. This is seemingly homosexual behavior and not the behavior of an actual transsexual. Are they doing these acts for the money but do not really like them? I don't mean porn in general but rather the specific acts during sex. I observe that there is some T-girl porn where the T-girl behaves as female throughout the entire sexual episode but these are rare. Is there some reason for this? I guess another way to phrase this question is how realistic is T-girl porn as c
ompared to the preferred sexual encounters of actual T-girls?

- when did you start to understand you were shemale .....or needed to become one

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