Published on 06 Apr 2015 | about 1 year ago

Watch Sunny Leone's on location hot kissing scene for her upcoming film 'Ek Paheli Leela'.

A chance encounter lays the foundation of a romantic journey between the crown prince of Jaisalmer, Ranveer Singh and Meera (Sunny leone). Although Meera perceives Ranveer for a typical Maharaja of the deserts, is surprised to see Ranveer as a modern and well-read person.

As Ranveer distracts away Meera from her loneliness and inner fears, which she has lived with since her childhood, Meera plans to stay back with Ranveer singh who flowers her with love and then he proposes marriage to her. Meera accepts his proposal and eventually becomes the queen of Ranveer and the land she had come to visit. Until one day Karan comes in their life to unveil the bitter truth of Karan's, Meera's and Ranveer's past life, a life which ended brutally by the hands of an obsessed and jealous lover. But in this life also Karan fears to face the rage and brunt of a loving husband, Ranveer Singh, who is ready to fight for the love of his life. How is Meera connected to Karan and his past? And above all is Ranveer Singh truly what he is?

The truth can only be discovered as we time travel to the reincarnation of these characters. Reincarnation as we know is...... a part and cause of Karma. The reincarnated person, struggling with fate, ignorance, and desires, constantly generates new causes and effects that may result in further reincarnations or mukti. The choice of action and deeds of the reincarnated soul in its lifetime determines its fate.

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