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Published on 19 Mar 2011 | over 6 years ago

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1. Fight Club -- "Motherfucker, you hit me on the ear" -- Brad Pitt / Tyler Durden
2. Casino -- "You shit-kicking, stinky, horse-manure-smellin' motherfucker you." -- Joe Pesci / Nicky Santoro
3. Dolemite -- "You no-business, born-insecure, jock-jawed motherfucker!" - Rudy Ray Moore / Dolemite
4. Commando -- "You scared, motherfucker? Well, you should be, because this Green Beret is going to kick your big ass!" - Bill Duke / Cooke
5. Shaft -- "You wouldn't know Egyptian cotton if the Pharaoh himself sent it to you, you knockoff-wearing motherfucker!" -- Samuel L. Jackson / John Shaft
6. Snakes on a Plane -- "I have had it with these motherfucking snakes on this motherfucking plane!" - Samuel L. Jackson / Agent Neville Flynn
7. Pulp Fiction -- "Say 'what' again. Say 'what' again, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker, say what one more Goddamn time!" - Samuel L. Jackson / Jules Winnfield
8. Predator -- "You're one... *ugly* motherfucker! " - Arnold Schwarzenegger / Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer
9. Die Hard -- "Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker." -- Bruce Willis / John McClane
10. 48 Hrs. -- "I've never seen so many backwards ass country fucks in my entire life" - Eddie Murphy / Reggie Hammond
11. The Boondock Saints -- "You insignifi-CUNT, little fuck!" - Carlo Rota / Don "Papa" Joe Yakavetta
12. Gangs of New York -- "I don't give a ten-penny fuck about your moral conundrum, you meat-headed shit-sack" - Daniel Day-Lewis / Bill "The Butcher" Cutting
13. Heathers -- "You stupid fuck" - Heather Chandler / Kim Walker
14. Snatch -- "Shut up and sit down, you big, bald fuck." - Dennis Farina / Abraham "Cousin Avi" Denovitz
15. Blues Brothers -- "Oh you fuck" - Dan Aykroyd / Elwood Blues
16. Good Will Hunting -- "In twenty years, if you're still livin' here, comin' over to my house to watch the Patriots games, still workin' construction, I'll fuckin' kill you. That's not a threat; now, that's a fact. I'll fuckin' kill you." - Ben Affleck / Chuckie Sullivan
17. Se7en -- "Maybe you're just sitting around, reading "Guns and Ammo", masturbating in your own feces, do you just stop and go, "Wow! It is amazing how fucking crazy I really am!"?" - Brad Pitt / Detective David Mills
18. Sexy Beast -- "You're the fucking problem you fucking Dr White honkin' jam-rag fucking spunk-bubble!" - Ben Kingsley / Don Logan
19. The 40 Year Old Virgin -- "I'm starvin... let's get some fuckin french toast!" - Leslie Mann / Nicky
20. Office Space -- "Fucking A" - Ron Livingston / Peter Gibbons + Diedrich Bader / Lawrence
21. Bull Durham -- "From what I hear, you couldn't hit water if you fell out of a fucking boat." -- Kevin Costner / Crash Davis
22. Erin Brockovich -- "That's all you got, lady. Two wrong feet in fucking ugly shoes." - Julia Roberts / Erin Brockovich
23. Old School -- "You got a fucking dart in your neck man." -- eann William Scott / Peppers
24. Raging Bull -- "You listening, your mother sucks fucking big fucking elephant dicks, you got that?" -- Joe Pesci / Joey LaMotta
25. They Live -- "You, you're okay. This one: real fuckin' ugly." -- Roddy Piper / Nada
26. Glengarry Glen Ross -- "You're fucking shit. Where did you learn your trade, you stupid fucking cunt, you idiot?" - Ricky Roma / Al Pacino
27. The Departed - "Fuck you, fuckin' queers. Firemen gettin' pussy for the first time in the history of fire or pussy. Hey go save a kitten in a tree, you fucking homos." - Colin Sullivan / Matt Damon
28. Bad Santa -- "You're an emotional fucking cripple. Your soul is dog shit. Every single fucking thing about you is ugly." -- Tony Cox / Marcus
29. In Bruges -- "[Natalie]: Harry. Harry! It's a inanimate fucking object! [Harry]: You're an inanimate fuckin' object!" - Elizabeth Berrington / Natalie + Ralph Fiennes / Harry
30. Die Hard: With a Vengeance -- "Yeah, I'm the fucking Energizer bunny." - Bruce Willis / John McClane
31. American Psycho -- "Not the face! You bitch! Not the fucking face, you piece of bitch trash!" -- Christian Bale / Patrick Bateman

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