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Published on 19 May 2013 | over 3 years ago

This is the last of our three part tutorial on itunes, how to download the latest version, transfer music from our PC to itunes and in this tutorial we will transfer the songs from our itunes to the iphone, ipad or ipod.

Like all previous tutorials ensure you are using the same version of itunes as it may be a little difficult to follow along if you are using older version, the new version of itunes has different menus, options and placement. You can easily figure out what version you are using by looking at the shortcut icon on your desktop, the old version has a black music bar symbol; the new version the one we are using has a grey music bar inside the blue icon. See the link below to update.


So we have now installed the latest itunes software, and have demonstrated how to import our music library to I tunes, in the above tutorial we will show how to sync I tunes with your mobile devise, this may be an iphone, ipad or ipod, whatever your devise the process is the same.

It is this feature that has caused most confusion for both old and new apple users, apple have included a totally new feature that is not fully recognised at first, the method of transferring the audio files from your itunes to your devise has totally changed, and for some it's like learning how to use itunes all over again, let's just cross our fingers and hope the developers at apple make the next update a smooth transition.

Plug in your mobile device, you will notice your device name will appear on the top menu bar right hand side, if you click on this you can set up sync and update options. Next open your albums, now if you brows around you will not see any option to transfer, you need to click on the album and drag to the right of your screen, a pop up box will appear to the right, your device will be listed alongside a playlist option, drop the album on your device and you are done.

Apple have added a new feature that will allow automatic file conversion if not compatible with device, but I was disappointed to learn they still allow duplicate content, I was expecting a feature that would warn you if you already had a particular song or album on your device, but sadly this important feature has escaped the developers.

Personally the album feature in itunes is of no use to me, I only take songs I like from albums so when listening to music the album option would only present me with three or four songs, for this reason I go down the playlist feature in itunes.
We also nowadays buy mixed albums, so if I already have an album that houses a particular track, then if this track also appears on the mixed album I would like to be warned by itunes but sadly it does not. The iphone does not have a huge storage so I think future release this feature should be included to save space on your iphone, ipad or ipod.


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