Published on 02 Jan 2015 | over 2 years ago

wala (Ajith) stands for Revolution, Education, Development), an orphan who has since grown up to be the local don in Madurai. Naturally he possesses a heart of gold and when not bashing up bad guys, he spends his time forcing schools to accept students without donations and taking care of orphans. Seeni (Salim Ghouse) is his biggest enemy.

Meanwhile, Jwala's story is written & serialised by a famous reporter (Rajesh) for Ananda Vikatan under the name Aadi and it becomes quite the rage among readers.

Jwala falls for Gayatri (Priya Gill), the daughter of his friend and confidante Narayan (Manivannan) and helps her without her knowledge from making her brother a famous cricket player to sending her off to America to study. When she goes off to America, she asks him to give up violence in his life as She too likes him. Jwala tries to do as she asks, but when the people suffer, he cannot do nothing. So he once again resumes his violent activities, and this eventually culminates in Manivannan's murder, which Jwala is blamed for.
Gayathri comes back to Madurai, and mistakenly believes Red is guilty of the murder. She agrees to marry someone else.
Meanwhile, Jawala is stabbed by his arch-enemies and lies bleeding. Can Jwala rise and save himself and his fans from the wrath of the villains ?

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