Published on 17 Apr 2015 | over 2 years ago

Eros Luxury Sex Machine is primarily and conceptually designed for couples. This allows use of the machine by both of the female users simultaneously, where each user regulates angle settings and the program independently of the other one. Thanks to the remote controllers and the fully electric positioning system, finding the best position is very easy. If a change of position is desired, it is not necessary to do it manually or to use a tool.

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Eros Luxury Sex Machine Technical Data:

Length from the bottom position: 1,990 mm (6.52 ft)
Width: 780 mm (2.55 ft)
Height from the bottom position: 970 mm (3.18 ft)
Machine total weight: 100 kg (221 lb.)
Stroke: 0-100 mm (0-4 in)
Voltage: 110-230 V
Power input: total max 200 W
Acceleration: up to 14.3 m/s
Force: up to 200 N
Number of movements: up to 50/s

The main structural material the machine is made of is first-class plywood coated with HPL laminate layer that is well resistant to abrasion. The plywood edges are painted with 4 layers of hard oil. The base part is made of plastic plinth in a decor of brushed aluminum. The seating surfaces are covered with a durable imitation of leather which is pleasant to the touch. The leather imitation construction joints are finished with decorative nickel door nails to enhance the overall design. The inner core of the bent seating surfaces is made of bent plywood, thus creating very strong in shape and attractive element. The metal parts are made of alloy aluminum, duralumin and steel. The materials have been carefully selected with respect to achieving a high standard and quality of the machine. All materials are completely safe.

Choice of the machine design
There is a choice of 9 basic options. In particular they allow color-matching with the interior of the client´s apartment or house. In case you did not choose any of the nine options you may order a custom-made machine.

Attachments and fastening system
Our system allows you to fasten almost any vibrator or toy. The basic diameter of the toy hole is about 40 mm. The system allows you to use any toy and you do not need to replace it with a new one or to buy special adaptors. The machine is supplied exclusively with Stronic pulsator.

Controlling programs
The choice and control of the programs is carried out using a controller. IBIS EROS has two separate controllers, IBIS EBOS has one controller. The machine is programmed with over 20 basic programs that allow you to choose a program that suits you best. On the basis of further development optional software upgrades will be provided to our clients.

Silent magnetic drive

The linear motor used is the most advanced on the market. It features unrivaled parameters such as acceleration, the number of strokes per second, design as well as maintenance. Unlike other machines that use ball screws, cog belts or gear boxes, our linear drive is powered by magnets and is very quiet. This motor is used, inter alia, in the design of flight simulators, but also in other demanding environments.

Delivery and CUSTOMS DUTY
The sole carrier of the machine is DB SCHENKER. Shipping within Europe is performed as a freight transport with a possibility of delivery to a destination specified by the customer, or to the nearest customs or transshipping station. Shipping outside Europe is performed by air transport with a possibility of delivery to a destination specified by the customer, or to the nearest customs or transshipping station. Because of different geographical, political and local conditions, each shipment is resolved individually. Following the communication of the particular shipping address you will be notified by us of the mode of transport, delivery options and customs conditions. In the case of interest the shipment may be effected by the customer himself, or as a personal collection from the factory.

The machine as a whole is covered by a 1-year warranty. The warranty does not cover mechanical damage and normal wear and tear.

Weight: 170kg

Dimensions box: 97cm x 115cm x 208cm

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