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Our services include:

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* Low Water Pressure Troubleshooting
* Inconsistent Water Temperature Troubleshooting


Pittsburgh Drain & Sewer Backup/Cleaning

Sometimes the wastewater flowing through your pipes en route to the sewer will encounter sewer line blockage. This can result in a backup through floor drains, toilets and other plumbing fixtures that reside in the lower parts of your home. This overflow can potentially cause major water damage and threaten the health of you and your family. Sewer backups are a stubborn plumbing problem. They’ll most likely persist unless the blockage is forcibly removed or no sewage can enter the line. When it comes to Pittsburgh drain and sewer backup, we have the experience, skill, and tools/equipment to diagnose and rectify the issue right away.

What Causes Sewer Backups?

There are several very common reasons for sewer backups. They include:

Clogged lines: Clogged lines occur when waste, grease, saturated ground build-up, inorganic debris, tree roots, or paper products accumulate in your sewer lines; creating a traffic-jamming blockage. The best way to counter such a clog is to prevent it from happening with regular drain/sewer line maintenance. Some things are do-it-yourself projects like pouring a salt/vinegar mix or tree root killer down vulnerable pipes. You can also schedule regular annual maintenance with a professional plumber to stay clog free.

Heavy rain: Heavy rains will sometimes cause a backup in your home’s basement. While there’s no stopping mother nature, you can stay ahead of basement flooding by having your main line regularly maintained by a professional. This way your plumbing is adequately equipped to handle heavy rains.

Human interference: Sewer backups can sometimes be caused by humans. A backup can be the result of anything from illegal activity like placing unauthorized items in manholes to common vandalism. Similar to being unable to stop mother nature, we are also powerless against human stupidity, but protective measures like installing gates and locks to keep unauthorized people from accessing lines can be taken.

Risks of Sewer Backup

A sewer backup is a highly unsanitary situation. There are potential health ramifications as well as property destruction, the loss of valuables, and even the potential for dangerous electrical malfunctions. To minimize damage and the potential health consequences of mold or mildew growth, prompt cleanup of the affected area is a must.

Sewer Backup Prevention Tips

Here are a few tips, tricks, and devices to stop sewer backups in their tracks:

Backwater Prevention Valve: This fixture can be installed into a sewer/drain line in your home’s basement. It’s designed to prevent a sewer backup by allowing sewage to go out, but not to come back in.

Floor Drain Plug: Your basement floor drain is the source of most sewer back ups. A flood drain plug will seal off the drain and prevent liquids from passing through in either direction.

Standpipe: This cheaper alternative to the floor drain permits the flow of water back up as high as necessary, which delays or prevents a basement flood.

Overhead Sewer: An overhead sewer intercepts the backflow right as it is occurring. An ejector pump pushes sewage out through an appropriate exit away from vulnerable parts of your home.

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