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Published on 09 Apr 2016 | 8 months ago

This experiment is not for the practice of
registered or licensed massage therapist.
Do not perform on customers or patient.
For partners, couples or people who have full trust only
Clothing-on applies for public viewing

0060 AMMT 101 C03 LDM Detoxification Massage
EA23C2 Front Side
Anti Tumor Stretch Drainage Acupressurec MtoF

0060 Sec08B2 AMMT LDM Detoxification Massage EA23C2
G10 AIR Lymph Acupressure Thigh Groin Ren-Mai Dan-Tian
Parametrial Nodes Cysterna Chyli Uterus Ovaries Vulva Mons pubis

For complete 131 mins 0060 LDM experiment, visit -

Procedures of Sec 08B2:
LNVA - Lymph Nodes Vessels Acupressure Superior Inguinal Nodes Vulva
Lymph Vessel Pinching Acupressure Inguinal Lumph Mons Pubis
8-Finger Lymph Vessel Rubbing Acupressure Upwards Labia majora Groins
Lymph Drainage Acupressure Pushing Downwards Mons pubis Vulva
Lymph Drainage Acupressure Pulling Upwards
Ren-Mai Vulva Mons pubis Dan-Tian Uterus
Lymph Drainage Acupressure Pressing Upwards Downwards
Mons Pubis Uterus Cysterna Chyli Iliac Nodes Thoracic Duct
Transverse Lymph Drainage Acupressure
Mons Pubis Dan-Tian Uterus Ovaries

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Music from BBTV/Viso library, YouTube library and Adobe Premiere.
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