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Published on 08 Aug 2015 | about 1 year ago

Funny videos horror - www.youtube.com/watch
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00:00 - 06:10 Funny videos horror - the horror film - a genre film. To horror films include films that are designed to scare the viewer, to instill a sense of anxiety and uncertainty, to create a tense atmosphere of terror and agonizing wait of something terrible - the so-called effect of "suspense" (from the English. Suspense - uncertainty). But what about the naming of the genre, there are other opinions. The well-known in the circles of horror actor Christopher Lee in an interview given in 1975, he argued that the term is incorrect horror as terror implies a feeling of disgust or loathing that is not the purpose of these pictures, at least almost always.

The conventionality of such films makes them harmless. He insisted on using the term ┬źfilm du fantastique┬╗ (fantasy film. In the same term the French refer to a certain type of movie uzhasov.Osnovopolagayuschim sign of horror films is the fear of being implemented on the screen by various plot twists, events, images, and so on. 00:00 - 06:10 Funny videos horror pranks - this emotional element can develop on the background of some fantastic events (at the time the Yugoslav critic Branko Muntich gave the following definition of the genre of "horror" - cinematic genre that against the backdrop of fantastic events develops the motive of fear as the emotional basis for a poetic image), and the background psychopathological action, other manifestations of human action, manifestations of the action of nature, elements, demonstration of violence, human entrails, blood and so on...

00:00 - 06:10 Funny videos horror house - in addition, based on the definition of the poetic image of a horror movie can not be at all - like any genre, genre of horror film is not spared and the mass, mass production of such films where the image is lost to the template and zashtampovannosti plot and events.

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