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Published on 07 Sep 2012 | over 4 years ago

Concept Note: The compelling saga about a genteel, lovely but illiterate girl, Vidya who hails from the holy town of Benares in India, and marries Sagar under strange circumstances. Sagar is the son of a rich landlord but has been rendered intellectually challenged because of an accident. Sindoora, Sagar's eldest stepsister, is very greedy and wants to grab all of her deceased father's property that he had willed to Vidya before dying. She hates Vidya and spares no opportunity to humiliate and torture her, along with the help of her other two sisters, Mahua and Chandra. However, Vidya tries to keep the family united with her calm demeanour and extraordinary patience. With her love, she even manages to get Sagar on the right track and he eventually falls in love with her, but their new found happiness is short-lived. The plot takes an interesting twist when Sagar and Vidya get killed by Sindoora but they are reborn as Amar and Divya, respectively. Will they be able to avenge their death from Sindoora in their new life? EP # 1 Vidya (Divyanka Tripathi), who lives in Benares in India with her wicked paternal aunt, Hema (Renuka Bondre), is a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva. Radha, Vidya's friend, informs her that the rich landlord, `Bade Thakur' Raghav Pratap Singh (Rajendra Gupta), was coming to their town to find a bride for his younger son, and she is confident that they will choose Vidya. However, Vidya replies that they will select a girl from a rich family, not her. Meanwhile, Hema taunts in front of Harish, her husband, and Kaushalya (Suhita Thatte), Vidya's mother, about Vidya only pretending to be a girl with virtues! Hema's daughter, Shalu, too leaves no stone unturned to humiliate Vidya and dumps all the household chores on her. Kaushalya feels sorry for Vidya that despite the house belonging to her deceased husband, Vidya and she were at the mercy of his brother Harish and wife Hema. Kaushalya also worries about Vidya not yet being married in spite of coming of age. On the other hand, Harish welcomes Raghav Pratap and his wife, Uma (Surinder Kaur), to their mansion. Harish had got the job of a caretaker in the mansion after his brother's death. Harish tries his best to make a good impression about Shalu to Raghav and Uma but he is displeased when Uma inquires about Vidya. Meanwhile, Radha who got a glimpse of Raghav's younger son excitedly tells Vidya about how he looks but says that she was unable to see his face because it was hidden under a cap. Vidya and Radha are shocked to see the ruffian Harsh (Puneet Vashisht) return to their town. Harsh tries his best to woo Vidya but she scorns him. Meanwhile, Hema orders Vidya to wash Shalu's clothes right away, so Vidya goes near the river bank. However, a shawl falls off and floats in the river. She goes to retrieve it when a boy swimming in the river takes it and goes away. A man calls out to him as 'Chote Thakur' (Landlord's younger son). Later, Vidya comes to the temple with her mother, and Hema comes there with Shalu. The priest tells everyone at the temple that Raghav is looking out for a bride for his younger son, so all the ladies give their eligible daughter's names to him. Kaushalya gives Vidya's name, much to the ire of Hema and Shalu. Hema asks Vidya to recite a verse from the Holy Text, and Vidya gets upset because she is illiterate. Hema insults Kaushalya and her by asking in front of everyone how an illiterate girl like Vidya could be a deserving bride for the landlord's son!

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