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Published on 21 Mar 2009 | over 8 years ago

Maulana Ishaq, an Ahley Hadith scholar, accepts the fact that Umer (the 2nd Caliph) murdered the beloved daughter of Prophet Mohammad SAWW for whom my Mohammad SAWW said:

"Fatima is from me & I am from Fatima, one who hurts her, hurts me. And the one who hurts me, hurts Allah"

Fatima AS for whom Surah Kothar was revealed and for whom Ayah Tat-heer was revealed, who was the mother of Imam Hussain AS and Imam Hassan AS--- the prince of Heavens.

How come the Shiites(the true Muslims) stop themselves from abusing the murderers like Umer LA and opportunist hypocrites like Abu Bakr, Usman and Muawiya who took the property of my ancestor Hazrat Fatima AS?

Molana Ishaaq, an Ahley Hadith scholar, explains the facts of why the Shiites(the true Muslims) abuse the munafiq and kharij sahaabis like Umer, Abu Bakar, Usman, Talha, Zubair, Ayesha, Umro bin Alaas, silly ones like Abu Musa Ash'ari, Abdullah Ibn Umar, Abu Huraira etc etc

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