Published on 20 Sep 2016 | 5 months ago Grace & Co.
It came to life through the wish of the artist and designer Graciela Soteldo Rivero, thanks to her creative and innovative spirit. Born in Spain, in her long career she traveled around the world, living almost four decades in Venezuela and the United States. She returned home with this wonderful proposal: to allow European and Spanish brides to dream and create their own wedding dresses. Her extensive experience, good taste and love for design: those are the cornerstones of Grace and Co.

Keeping in mind that brides look for a unique and exclusive look, and that these special moments require much attention and the assessment of a professional.

Grace lived her childhood in the 60’s in downtown Caracas, where part of the Spanish colony was settled. From that age she remembers that while her friends used to dress up their dolls, she used to do the same with her friends; it’s a gift she’s always had.

After living a childhood filled with fantasies, she started a journey to make her dream a reality, making dresses for several candidates of the Miss Venezuela contest and creating her own fashion design firm called MAO.

In her life and her many battles, she committed to help the environment and people in need by supporting causes such as: SOS Foundation, the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation, the battle against cancer in women, and more. She understood that fashion could be a way to enable the support of charities and research projects.

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