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Published on 10 Jun 2012 | over 4 years ago

[HD SOUND QUALITY] Thumbs Up for HD Sound Quality :)
Episode 46 of Metal Masters is finally here!

This is the Episode of Beyblade Metal Masters Episode 46, titled "Charge! Hades City", ENGLISH DUBBED with HD SOUND QUALITY. Thumbs Up and Subscribe for next Episode next Saturday! :)

Episode Summary:

Ryo doesn't let Gingka and the others go to stop Dr. Ziggurat because of the Spiral Force's power. Gingka wants to stop him because he's using Beyblades to make money and the World Championships for research. Everyone begs him to let them go, but he still says no. Hikaru shows them Hades City and tells Ryo that Hades Inc. hasn't done anything illegal yet. She tells that the tower in the middle of the city is their headquarters and the Spiral Core is in that tower with Faust and Twisted Tempo. Wales, Sophie, and Klaus come to help Gingka stop Dr. Ziggurat. Madoka stays behind to do something while everyone else go on ahead. Zeo goes to Toby, but Faust tells him that's not his name. Zeo wants Dr. Ziggurat to turn Toby back to normal. Dr. Ziggurat says Toby has been reborn as Faust through the arrangement and his body became heathly. Zeo realized he was after Toby as well and wants him to turned back to normal, but Dr. Ziggurat has him locked away. Gingka and the others arrive at the desert and are about to go to Hades City, but are attack by Team Garcias and HD Bladers. They launch their beys and Argo use his special move, Keel Strangler, Ian use his special move, Blazer Slash, and Selen and Enzo use their special move, Double Slumdog Driver. Everyone gets separated and battle a member of Team Garcias and HD Bladers. Madoka finishes fixing Earth Eagle and Flame Libra for Tsubasa and Yu. Team Wild Fang battles Ian and Masamune & Team Excalibur battles Selen. Team Wang Hu Zhong battles Enzo and use their special moves, Tempestous Whirlwind Sword, Blue Dragon Whirlwind Sword, Soaring Fire Bird, & Storm Surge and send Ray Gasher flying. Faust continues to power up the Spiral Force and Dr. Ziggurat uses it to make Hades City come out of the ground. Ryo contacts Hikaru to tell them Hades City is rising and Gingka warns the others. Kyoya uses his special True King Lion Tearing Blast to destroy the rocks and leaves. The HD Bladers launch their beys and Team Wild Fang launch their beys. Nile uses his special move, Mystic Zone, to defeat them but more people come and launch their beys. They tell Kyoya to go on while they battle them. Klaus uses his special move, Claw of the Storm, to let Masamune, Wales, and Sophie to go on ahead without him and more HD Bladers launch their beys. Kyoya, Masamune, Wales, and Sophie climb on Hades City while its still coming out of the ground. Team Wang Hu Zhong are surrounded by HD Bladers, but they sent Dashan to Hades City and they stayed behind. Gingka, Hikaru, and Kenta run to Hades City and Argo uses Keel Strangler to attack them, but Gingka counters with his special move, Star Booster Attack. More HD Bladers come and launch their beys at them. Hikaru launches Storm Aquario and uses her special move, Aquario Infinite Assault, to defeat them and Kenta stays behind to help her. Gingka continues to run to Hades City, but Ray Gil comes out of the ground to attack him. Yu, uses Inferno Blast to stop Ray Gil and Tsubasa uses Metal Wing Smash to defeat him. Gingka gets in the truck with them and Madoka and Blader DJ drive close to the city for them to get on it. Dr. Ziggurat tells Damian, Jack, and Julian to remove Gingka and the others.


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