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Published on 24 Dec 2013 | over 2 years ago

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What is OSI model in Hindi | Free CCNA 200-125 training videos | part 1

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About 7 layers :

Layer 7 -- Application Layer -- The layer users interact with other user via any software.

Layer 6 -- Presentation Layer -- Generally the layer tells what is the format of data ?

Layer 5 -- Session Layer -- The layer that controls the communication session between two computers and creates and maintains the sessions.

Layer 4 -- Transport Layer -- The layer that controls Windowing and other tasks related to communication, its is responsible for end to end delivery of data.

Layer 3 -- Network Layer -- The layer that Routers and IP addresses operate , adds source ip and destination ip

Layer 2 -- Data Link Layer -- The layer that Switches, MAC Addresses and ARP reside at this layer, adds source mac and destination mac.

Layer 1 -- Physical Layer -- The layer that cabling resides on , hubs , nic's works on this layer, cables connectors also work on this layer, it converts the frame into digital signals .

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हिंदी में ओएसआई मॉडल क्या है | फ्री 200-120 CCNA प्रशिक्षण | भाग 1

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