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Published on 09 Jul 2015 | about 1 year ago

Powerful dua Solve all problem using this dua ᴴᴰ
Yaa Hayyu Ya Qayyum, Bi Rahmatika Astagheez
Sayyiduna Anas ibn Maalik (Radhiallaahu Anhu) reports that Rasulullah
(Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) once mentioned to Sayyiduna Faatima
(Radhiallaahu Anha) to recite the following supplication morning and
evening, 'Yaa hayyu yaa qayoomu, birahmatika astagheeth. Aslih liy sha-aniy
kulluhu wa laa takilniy ilaa nafsiy tarfata aynin.' (Trans: On You Who is
Everliving and Sustains and Protects everything, I seek assistance through
the means of your mercy, correct for me all my affairs and do not entrust me
to my Nafs (myself) for the moment of a blink of an eye.') (Mustadrak
al-Haakim vol.1 pg.545; Shu'ubul Iemaan of Imaam Bayhaqi Hadith No.:760,
761) Imaam Haakim and Imaam Dhahabiy have classified this narration as Sahih
(authentic).Powerful dua Solve all problem using this dua ᴴᴰyoutu.be/_i0YHyub5Tk
Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Mas'ood (Radhiallaahu Anhu) narrated that whenever
Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) used to be afflicted in any worry
or concern, he used to recite the following supplication, 'Yaa Hayy Yaa
Qayyoom birahmatika astagheeth.' (Mustadrak al-Haakim vol.1 pg.509; Shu'ubul
Iemaan of Imaam Bayhaqi Hadith No.:10231) Also see Kitaabud Du'aa of Imaam
Tabrani pg.47 and Majmauz zawaaid vol.10 pg.147

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

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