Published on 18 Aug 2014 | over 2 years ago

Bhadaas, a psycho thriller movie, revolves around a young girl, Daisy (Meera) and the mysterious murders of men taking place during the full moon nights. Daisy is a writer by profession who is under the influence of some unknown powers on every full moon night compelling her to come out of her house in full make up. She asks for a lift from the men who are driving cars on street and from then onwards, their whereabouts are not known again. Vijay (Aryeman Ramsay), a police inspector, who specializes in solving the cases of the murder crime, is appointed to solve the mystery of this unusual case. Vijay is also the fiance of Neha (Shree Rajput), the daughter of A.C.P. Saxena. Rahul (Ashutosh Kausik), the publisher of Daisy's writings, organizes a success party for the celebration of her novel's success. In that party, Vijay too is invited where he meets Daisy. Soon, a love relationship blossoms between Vijay and Daisy. As time proceeds, Vijay discovers that A.C.P. Saxena has never treated Neha with affection, since the time she was born. He was, indeed, upset by the birth of Neha, which he believes brought misfortune for him, and caused her mother's death. Convinced with this reason, he keeps treating her with hatred. Further investigations by Vijay get him closer to the criminal. On the next full moon night, a trap has been laid to catch the killer red-handed. Will the police be able to nab the killer? Will they know the real reason behind these killings?

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