Published on 13 May 2014 | over 2 years ago

Hindi Full Dubbed Movie - Dushmani The Target 2006 - Pawan Kalyan and Reema Sen
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Dushmani The Target is a superhit action movie about Balram,a reporter with a local news channel who loses his job and then meets Peddy Reddy, Head of a Tv channel. A local goon sees Peddy's daughter Sandhya and wants his son to marry her. The rest of the movie shows how Balram tries to unite love birds Sandhya and Vinay SEPL is an all in one stop for Tamil, Telugu, Hindi Dubbed and Hindi Movies. SEPL has brought revolution in the field of online entertainment. It is one of the most viewed destinations for all genres like, horror, comedy, drama, fantasy, mystery, action, sci-fi, thriller and romance etc. Enjoy short clips and full length movies at SEPL Channel and stay updated with regular uploads of old and new movies. Subscribe to us for more great videos: Click here for the playlist: Stay Connected with #fame on:
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