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Published on 26 Jun 2014 | over 2 years ago

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Lecturers: Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury, Sheikh Yasir Qadhi, Sheikh Billal Asad, Sheikh Omar El-Bannah And Sheikh Bilal Dannoun.

My Brothers And My Sisters In Islam, Is This Was Your Last Ramadan; How Would You Spend It? What Would You Do? There Is No Good Time To Give Sadaqa, The Time Is Now, There Is No Good Time To Start Praying, The Time Is Now, There Is No Good Time To Read The Qur'an, the Time Is Now, The Time Must Be Now, Because By Allah We Don't Know When We're Gonna Live And When We're Gonna Die. When Was The Last Time You Really Connected With Allah SWT? If You Can Not Be Righteous No And Good In This Month, Then Really You Have No Hope, There Is No Hope For You, Why? Because There Are No Excuses, Shayateen Had Been Chained Up, There Is No Way To Go Except Jannah, Jannah Is Open, Jahannam Is Closed, Every Night Allah SWT Frees Hundreds And Thousands And Millions Of People Who Had Been Destined To Hell He Freeze Them Because Of Their Good Deeds, If You Can't Be Amongst Them, If You're not Able To be Good In This Month, Then Really And Truly There Is No Hope, O You Who Believe, Fasting Has Been prescribed For You As It Was Prescribed For Those Before You, In Order For You To Reach God Consciousness, Taqwa, Taqwa, My Servant Abandons His Food And His Drink For Me, His Basics Need Which I Naturally Created For Them To Survive; He Has Given It Up For Me, Fasting Is For Me, Bring It To Me, I'm Gonna Reward This Person In A Special Way That Only I Know Of That, If Only You Knew, And Allah Knows Everything; We Don't Know Anything, If The Ummah Of Muhammad SAW Knew What Ramadan Means; What The Value Of Ramadan Means, What the Reward Of Ramadan Is, They Would Wish That All Of The Years Become Ramadan, Don't You Know Allah SWT To Be With Us, Don't You Want Allah SWT To Give You The Highest Ranks In Paradise, The Save You; to free You from Jahannam, A Torture That We've Never Seen Before And We Will Never Understand And Comprehend, The Person Who Sees This Rahmah, Who Sees This Maghfirah [Forgiveness], Who Sees This Season And Doesn't Rush And Approach Allah SWT, Needs To Rethink His Lifestyle, How Many Ramadan's Have You promised Allah That We Will Change? How Much Ramadan's That This Ramadan Will be Different Insha'Allah, Maybe This Is Your Last Ramadan, How Do You Know You Will Live, How Do You Know You Will Live The Next Ramadan, Years Have Passed And Still We Haven't Made That real Change In Our Lives, Still People Haven't come properly To The Correct Deen To The Perfect Deen, my Brothers This Month Is Our Chance, It Might Be Your Last Chance, The Night Of Power, And How Will You Know What The Night Power Is?

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