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Feel Good Upbeat Instrumental Music / Feel Good Background Music For Videos Upbeat from Blanket Barricade (WK Music Productions).
These songs can be used on YouTube for non-commercial purposes.
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0:00 - A Velvet Affair - Download: **(Watch the official music vid for the vocal version of the song here:
5:35 - We Fit Together - Download:
8:46 - Game On -
10:40 - Hollow Eyes - Download:
14:03 - Drive -
15:39 - Blue Jacket -
16:56 - Inside The Box -
21:15 - Porcupine City -
22:59 - A Rock On The Sun -
29:06 - Friendly Games Of Deceit -
33:21 - Hype Machine -

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This is great as exciting background music for studying / reading / homework / learning / work & for the workplace.

Cheerful good music / Happy background music for videos / Study Music for children CREDITS:

Fast fun upbeat background music / excitement background music upbeat composed by Wes K.
Exciting positive upbeat instrumental background music mix / nice upbeat music instrumental for work performed by Wes K
Instrumental upbeat music for writing papers / feel good instrumental music upbeat - mixed by Kev K.
Good background music for YouTube videos long / upbeat background music for videos - mastered by Kev K.
Instrumental music for writing essays / cool fast instrumental music upbeat
Music for energy boost / music for good mood - arranged by Wes K.
Reading background music instrumental upbeat / Great background music for studying & music for kids - soundtrack post prod by Wes K.
Awesome great background music for videos instrumental long / exciting background music for presentation lively - soundtrack pre-prod by Wes K.
Nice up beat instrumental music for work party / best music for writing, studying & the classroom - vid promo by Wes K.
Fun up beat instrumental for toddlers / upbeat background music for videos - percussion by Wes K.
Uplifting Cheerful background music for excitement / exciting instrumental music - piano by Wes K.
Background music for the classroom / lively background music for kids & students - bells by Wes K.
Background music for writing / happy music for kids - synths by Wes K.
Good music for videos / happy mood music for working in office - cheerful guitar choir by Wes K.
Best happy background music for videos instrumental / cool background music for videos - bass by Wes K.
Instrumental kids music / awesome instrumental music for the classroom & toddlers - Electronics by Wes K.
Music for positive energy / Background music for videos happy - soundtrack scored by Wes K.
Positive instrumental music / feel good music - Created on Cubase.
Background music happy / music for working fast - Recorded on a Roland piano.
Happy music for kids / instrumental music for writing - Customer service by Wes K.
Fun instrumental music for good mood / happy mood lively instrumental music - Email response by Wes K.
Upbeat study music / happy instrumental music - Inspired by Jordy B.
Feel good music / fun instrumental music - Audio edits by Wes K.
Background music for videos happy / classroom background music - Created on a Mac.
Music for work & concentration / music for working in office - Sheet music by Wes K.
Background music happy / music for working fast - Music export by Kevin K.
Study music soundtrack for concentration / energize music for writing papers - Additional arrangements by Mary-Lee.
Music for positive energy / upbeat music playlist - Trumpet by Nelly F.
Happy upbeat instrumental music / exciting instrumental music - Vid created in iMovie

This good music for videos / cool background music for videos / music for video background happy / upbeat instrumental background music mix / upbeat music instrumental is perfect for listening to as well as adding to your cool projects, presentations, classroom background music, instrumental kids music / children's party & videos.

Feel good background music for videos & music for kids classroom / feel good instrumental music playlist here:

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Positive Upbeat Instrumental Music / background music upbeat / Instrumental Background Music For Videos - Up beat happy children homework music for students BGM Copyright 2016.

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