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Feel Good Upbeat Instrumental Background Music Mix. Great for listening, studying, using as background music for videos & for kids!
0:00 - A Velvet Affair (upbeat piano rock) Download: **(Watch the official music vid for the vocal version of the song here:
5:35 - We Fit Together (fun pop) - Download:
8:46 - Game On (happy electro pop) -
10:40 - Hollow Eyes (fast rock) - Download:
14:03 - Drive (driving electro rock) -
15:39 - Blue Jacket (cheerful instrumental) -
16:56 - Inside The Box (upbeat electro pop) -
21:15 - Porcupine City (cool pop) -
22:59 - A Rock On The Sun (positive rock) -
29:06 - Friendly Games Of Deceit (exciting rock pop) -
33:21 - Hype Machine (lively rock) -
These mood booster songs can be used in YouTube videos for non-commercial purposes. If you would like to use these songs for commercial purposes contact us at
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All Instrumental Music Upbeat Songs composed by Blanket Barricade
Video Length: 37 Minutes
Tempo: Upbeat, Fast Paced

This is the official video playlist of all Blanket Barricade’s popular happy upbeat instrumental songs. These songs utilize lively piano, running bass, cheerful upbeat drums, joyful synths and tonnes of guitars to create an epic inspirational blend of rock, pop and electronic music. This music is composed using the latest music creation technology and the tracks were recorded over a period of 3 years in our Vancouver based studio. The songs are intended to inspire and excite kids with positive vibes and to bring alive videos which use them. To date this is the band’s most popular music mix and the songs here have been used as upbeat background music in countless videos, video games, documentaries & short films. It has also been used by many parents and teachers as upbeat kids music in the classroom and as instrumental party music at home.

Upbeat Music Instrumental Credits:
These fun instrumental music upbeat tracks were mixed by Kevin K. with lots of focus on the catchy piano riffs and driving drums to give the songs a bouncy happy uplifting feeling. The drums are usually played straight and steady with accented hits on the 2 and 4 to give a steady beat for the piano to play over. Joyful pianos often carry the melody of the songs and make them memorable from the first time you hear the opening notes.

Good Uses For These Happy Up Beat Music Instrumentals:
This instrumental upbeat music is just under 37 minutes long and written to be used in any sort of positive, happy, inspirational or upbeat context. It is the perfect length to use as upbeat study or reading & essay writing music. We recommend using it as cheerful background music for videos, studying, classrooms, exciting parties, tutorials videos, working in the office, educational content, skits, commercials, happy advertisements, light hearted slideshow presentations, motivational live events, energetic awarding shows, cartoons, kid's / children’s content, lively animal videos, travel vlogs, empowering short films, silly intros, student projects, sports games, uplifting compilations, and in exciting video games.

How To Use These Song as Background Music For Videos On YouTube:
Use the download links at the top of the description box. There you can get the songs for free by clicking “buy now” and writing “0”. You can also donate if you wish. When you upload the video to YouTube include a link to this video. If you’re using this tune for non-commercial purposes then it’s free to use. You may get a copyright notification but you can ignore it. For commercial usage contact us at . Tell us about your video project & we’ll let you know how much a license is.


Can I use this happy background music in my videos on YouTube?
-Yes you can. It’s free to use for non-commercial purposes in YouTube videos or get a license to use it for commercial purposes.

I like this up beat instrumental music not just for my comedy gaming videos but also as great music to listen to. Is it on itunes / spotify ect…?
-Yes this music is on iTunes & spotify. Just search for Blanket Barricade or WK Music Productions to find it.

What program did you use to make this fun instrumental music for kids?

Are these very nice energetic songs kid friendly?
-Yes, all of our music here is instrumental and 100% kid friendly and clean!

BGM copyrighted 2017

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