Published on 02 Aug 2015 | about 1 year ago

How to restore custom IPSW with libimobiledevice for all iOS version (iCloud Bypass) (Still works as for iOS 9.3.2)
The only one real video on the internet! All the rest are fake!
This video shows you how to restore a custom made (renamed IPSW and also shows you the result!


PROOF OF WORKING (on iPhone 5,2 iOS 9.2):
I managed to bypass iPhone 5 iOS 9.2:

I really want to help you guys!
The Apps used:
* iDecryptIT:
* Libimobiledevice app:
After it installs copy it to C:/
* Trans Mac :

Already made Firmwares for FREE!
For Forum members only (register free):

If you get ASR 80 error, apply these patches:

If you get ASR 110 error, here is the fix [also, how to re-encrypt the DMG back and keep size]:

Used parameters:
To get your UDID or ECID: ideviceinfo.exe

Nowadays you need some patches (available on my other videos). If you need to know how to use the patches, see this:

-u --your udid Firmware name -c
If you get stuck on "Waiting for iPhone" then delete -c and try like that. It will still be custom because of the file.

The video contain the proof!

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