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Published on 03 Aug 2016 | 6 months ago

In this WME review, innovative business owner Kellie Stone chats about how our digital marketing agency helped her small, family-run company grow their online presence.

As a start-up business, there can be many challenges to overcome; however, perhaps the major hurdle is building up your customer base. Getting yourself recognised online is a key step in making sure you get people noticing your service or products, but there is certainly an art form to it.

Kellie initially began generating interest for her small-scale cubby-making business by creating a website, posting an ad on eBay, and simply spreading the word via friends. However, when she and her husband/business partner decided to make their business official, they realised they needed some professional assistance with their digital marketing strategies.

Upon doing her research, Kellie discovered that SEO was a key determinant in driving traffic to your website. She then punched some words into Google and voila – WME appeared at the top of the page for SEO companies. After some more research and reading the positive reviews and high star-ratings WME has collected, it was a “no-brainer” – Kellie was sold.

Right from the get-go, Kellie found our company natural, down-to-earth and approachable. She describes the effort our team went to in order to understand the nuances of her unique business and how we dissected her existing website to find ways it could be improved.

By focusing on the need to boost rankings, WME managed to shift Castle and Cubby from page 20 on Google and within six months, had 10 of the top keywords ranking on page one.

The WME team didn’t simply achieve a temporary status for the business, but also taught Kellie highly valuable information when it comes to maintaining a successful online presence. From learning how to label website info to making it easy for users to navigate, Kellie was able to understand the importance of web design and learn about new and innovative ways to advertise her company.

In her own words, Kellie describes her relationship with WME as very close and highly supportive. By engaging in regular catch-ups with her WME account manager, Kellie is made fully aware of how her website is performing on a week-to-week basis while working with digital marketing experts to fashion ongoing goals.

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