Published on 16 Jan 2016 | about 1 year ago

If you want to achieve excellent result by remembering better, then this video is for you. These 5 memory techniques will help you to remember what you study and get better marks in your exams. Using these 5 memory tips, you will be able to improve your brain power and memory power. These study tips will help you to remember easily and fast. As many students wrote to me questions like - how to improve memory power or how to remember anything. So this video is my answer to all the students so that they can get better marks in their exams. These tips will not only help school students, engineering students or medical students, but can also be used by professionals, housewives, businessmen etc. So, following are 5 memory techniques for students which will maximize your brain power: 1. Repeat Information: As it is said that repetition is the mother of learning, so you can also use repetition to prevent your forgetting curve to slide down and remember what you studied fast. the method used in this memory power video is spaced interval repetitions which will help you to remember what you read. Second tips in this video on how to increase memory power and concentration is to study louder. When you study important information, you are able to remember your study better. Third memory technique in hindi is method of Loci. This method is also called, memory palace and you can remember a list or information using interesting memory visualization technique to remember a list of items etc. The method of loci can help you in many school subjects like history, geography, general knowledge etc. Fourth tip on how to boost memory power is chunking. This memory technique can be used when you have to remember a very long list which our brain power fails to remember. For example, medical students or hotel management students have to remember long lists, chunking method will make them remember easily and fast. Last tip in memory tricks in Hindi is mnemonics, which is further divided into acronyms, acrostics and rhymes. These three memory tricks will help you remember what you read in an interesting way. So, these are the 5 memory techniques in hindi which will not only boost your memory but also you confidence and results. To help you in achieving better marks and excel in your studies, career and Life, I will keep posting such study tips. I will share some iit jee tips and tricks in my next video. I dedicate this video to iit toppers who work hard to achieve grades and excel in their studies. You can visit my channel for more motivational and inspirational videos for students.

All the Best,
Him-eesh Madaan

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