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Published on 28 Oct 2013 | over 3 years ago

Travis security agency got huge project of transferring million dollars diamond to USA. Company owner Sekhar was happy by rising popularity of his company but his wife was worried that thieves could attack their agency for this diamond. Sekhar comforted her that diamond cannot be stolen as it was kept in a very secure locker. He sent her home telling that he will come after sometime. CID got a call from Sekhar and he told in broken sentence about that diamond. Cid rushed to his agency and found Neha there. Sekhar was not there and Neha could not believe that diamond could be stolen. CID checked locker and found diamond was missing. From the CCTV footage they found that only person who entered locker was Sekhar at 11:40… And he left with that diamond, but then where is he!!! Neha got a phone call from CITY hospital. They rushed there and found dead body of Sekhar. He had been found injured at the doorsteps of hospital and died. Neha doubted Satish behind all this because of the insurance money for that diamond. He might have done all this to get the money and diamond. CID called Satish at Travis security agency. Sekhar’s body was sent for autopsy and other team of CID went looking for accident site. At Travis security agency, CID got to know that Sekhar went out with a person who was waiting in car. At the same time, Satish came with his son Uday and CID found that Sekhar had left office with Uday. CID took Uday for interrogation. Other team had found the accident car and upon search they found that a bullet had been shot and a button of overcoat.
Cid had started interrogating Uday who kept on pleading of not guilty but when other team came there and showed the proof that Uday had arrived there in his car. In his car only Sekhar had met accident and that overcoat button was recognized by Satish. Uday narrated his story. He needed money and wanted to steal that diamond. He went to Travis security agency and made a story of showing this diamond to a prospective client. Sekhar believed on his story and brought the diamond. They were going by the car when a masked person from back seat pointed gun at them. They were taken by surprise but Sekhar fought him and in that gun was fired. Sekhar lost the control and car met the accident. Before Uday could do anything that masked person ran away. Sekhar had hit steering wheel and was bleeding profusely. Uday took him to hospital and after that he did not know anything. Then Salunkhe called CID and informed about the strange discovery.
Salunkhe had found diamond in Sekhar’s mouth. Case took a turn, this could have happened only at hospital and there must be someone involved at city hospital. CID rushed to hospital and interrogated doctor present at that time. He did not know anything but his assistant was missing by last day. CID rushed to his house but he had left for his hometown. CID nabbed him before he could get on the bus. He told about a person who was hiding in the autopsy room. That person had given hom money to allow him to stay for some time with Sekhar’s body. After that he did not know what happened.
CID deduced that the culprit must be close relative of Sekhar who believed to get the diamond before final rites. CID gave Sekhar’s dead body to Neha and then waited for that culprit to come. Finally, culprit came and took diamond out of his mouth. CID caught him in the act and found that he was Dhananjay who worked in Travis security agency. He was cousin of Sekhar and always looked for opportunity to earn big money. He was close to get that diamond but then CID reached there and he had to put it inside SEkhar’s mouth so that even if he was caught would not be charged.

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