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Published on 27 Mar 2015 | over 2 years ago

EDIT: this is an old crappy video i made long before i figured out how to use SFM. if you can find some enjoyment in this well... good for you. please don't subscribe to me only for this shit, because i can't promise you that my content will remain this way.


freddy fazebear and his clan are just partying when the plastic sh*tlords strike once again! can fazebear and his clan defeat each of the toy scrubs?! will they finally defeat Billy the Balloon B*tch?! probably not... he is just such a pain in the arse...

find out in Five Funky Night's at Freddy's 2: Return of the Scrubs!

ok so i started this about the same time that i finished the fist five funky night's at freddy's and i just finished today...

i mostly blame the unexpected release of fnaf 3. once the game came out i played the crap out of it and pretty much forgot the animation... but i returned to it and got back to work!
so first off... i wanted this animation to be longer in certain parts but i ended up reaching the memory limit of sfm (which is like 3000 mb) so i did have to trim back a few parts...
second... i believe i used every single skill i have learned in using sfm so far at least once in this animation (and even learned some new ones hehe)

third... i am still stuck on pose to pose animation... i seriously have not figured out how to animate with the graph editor or make the smooth movements that i have seen in other videos. the fact that i was able to make this and the last video on just pose to pose animation still amazes me sometimes

and last but most definitley not least... shoutouts!

so firt of all i want to thank gold94chica massivley for all tthe feedback on the animation and even helping me come up with ideas for the story. you are awesome! go subscribe to him: www.youtube.com/channel/UCve7sJbI3BGnVQMO5IK1lMA

i want to thank nsyubakastudio on DA for being an awesome artist and for letting me use the amazing puppet pic that you saw at the end lol she can be found here: nsyubakastudio.deviantart.com/

and i also want to thank hitlerspimp! he didn't directly help me but i got massive amounts of inspiration from him and he is an awesome animator. i even hid some thomas the pimp engines inside the animation as kind of a nod to him lol. subscribe to his channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCyjksZgY68fmNEOrQG0vC_g

and that should wrap it up!

oh and i forgot... song list!
first song is right here: www.youtube.com/watch
song on the versus scene: www.youtube.com/watch
chica vs. chica song: www.youtube.com/watch
freddy vs toy freddy song: www.youtube.com/watch
mangle twister scene song: www.youtube.com/watch
rage mangle chase/bonnie vs toy bonnie scene: www.youtube.com/watch
springtrap VS. GF song: www.youtube.com/watch
this is the song that plays while BB is talking: www.youtube.com/watch
the mlg dance scene song: www.youtube.com/watch
and finally the puppet sad song: www.youtube.com/watch

lol that should be all of them!
thanks for watching!!

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