Published on 22 Nov 2014 | about 1 year ago

3 secrets to a pious child
By Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad

If i could, i would have translated the whole lecture and put it up as my main video but sadly i can't. I listened to this lecture a while ago, but a year later i realised how important it was and i had to find it again and being it to you guys and myself.

As a teacher/parent we need to know which things to focus on more than others and as there is much experience out there regarding upbringing i was really thankful to find a whole lecture on this. I wish i could express the importance of this clip, please implement the advice shared and share with others as well.

1) Do not lie (including giving excuses)
2) Giving true value to salaah/Giving due respect/attention to salaah)
3) Serving others.
(doing things yourself, serving parents/teachers, disabled/old)

For those who want to listen to the full (unedited/untranslated) lecture, it is called "Tarbiyat-e-Aulad kei Teen Zarrein Usool" and can be found here:

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