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Published on 14 May 2016 | 6 months ago

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5 Totally Hot Breast-Centric Sex Positions
Climb on top and assume the cowgirl position, freeing up your hands to stimulate yourself. Not only are you on top of him and riding him, which is bloody well good enough, but he can enjoy the endlessly fascinating activity of watching your boobs do ... boob stuff. Lick a finger and swirl it over your nipple, cup them and lift them up (hot, plus, you know, lifting) or just let them bob up and down. Pretty much anything you do here is golden.

Get your guy on a chair, and climb aboard so your boobs are at mouth level. Sitting on top of him like this gives him perfect tongue access to those beauties of yours. Offer them to him like the bounteous gift they are. Run a nipple across his lips, then let him lick or suck as you bounce slowly up and down. And if you're packing enough boobage to do it, some guys go crazy if you join them in the sucking. Caveat:This is very primal and bonding, so save it for someone good.

Take control by pushing his legs apart this your knees. Lie on top of him, sort of like reverse missionary, pressing your legs together and grinding and wiggling against him — you'll feel every inch of him more fully. If you can hold a decent plank, let your boobs hover enticingly over him, dipping down to give him a taste every once in a while. Otherwise, rest on your elbows, letting him mouth you as he pleases.

Some men love boobs so much they literally want to make love to them. Lie back, use a ton of lube, push your boobs together, and let him go to town in what is essentially the classic titty-fuck. This isn't going to do much for you stimulation-wise, so you can also have him push 'em together, while you slide a hand down to attend to yourself. If you're both into it, let him finish by coming on your chest. Don't know why men love that so much, they just do.

Kneel in front of him, lube him up, and press your boobs together, sliding up and down his penis. Mix it up by alternating boobs with hands and mouth. To blow his mind (as well as what you're already blowing), stroke him with your boobs, then put the tip in your mouth on each upstroke while gazing at him lustfully. Revel in your power as you watch him lose it.

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