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Published on 31 Jan 2013 | over 4 years ago

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Chapter Three --Erotic Breast Massage

Today I'm going to talk to you about Tantric massage; as described in this book, 'Sex Woman First. The author has written this to help men learn to be less selfish lovers and pleasure their woman fully first. This inspiring book will show you various techniques to perform a Tantric massage and I would definitely recommend you buy a copy. Men, the techniques I'm going to describe to you will show you how to please your woman like never before; and women, these massages will connect you with your deep, beautiful and most feminine self. Let me guide you through a special practice in this short three minute video and both of you will learn to explore and appreciate the female form.
In Tantric massage, all the senses are involved, so choose your setting carefully. Women are especially sensual creatures so think not just about touch but also about sound, sight, smell and even taste -- before the massage you could feed her some aphrodisiacs such as oysters or her favourite foods such as some rich chocolate. Find a relaxed setting where you won't be disturbed and make sure the room is warm. Play some soothing sensual music, burn scented coloured candles or incense, use your favourite scented oils and perhaps have some fresh flowers in the room.
The book describes many massage techniques you may not have come across before, and I would urge you to try them all. Today I'm going to share with you my particular favourite, the Tantric breast massage. Many women have especially sensitive breasts and breast arousal releases oxytocin, the love hormone, which is crucial to orgasm.
Start by gently caressing the breasts with some warm oil. The breasts can be massaged with the hands, mouth, and even objects such as a feather or silk scarf. Start off with a very gentle touch and then begin to apply firmer pressure, for example kneading the breasts. Watch and listen to your partner for feedback to ensure she is receiving maximum enjoyment.
Only when arousal has occurred and the nipples are already erect should you touch them; begin again very gently, by circling around them with your fingers or tongue, before you gently squeeze and pull the nipple. You can use your mouth to good effect by blowing on her wet nipple and licking and sucking across her nipple and whole breast. As she becomes more sensitive some women will orgasm through breast stimulation alone. Try taking as much of her breast into your mouth as you can, sucking the nipple to the back of your mouth. If she is very aroused, you can very gently use your teeth against her breast. Again, keep looking and listening for your partner's feedback, ask her to tell you what feels good and whether she wants a softer or harder touch or firmer pressure. As you become more attuned to her body you will be able to read her signals intuitively.
This massage technique feels absolutely divine for most women and can really open up her body ready for deeper satisfaction, awakening the sacred sexual kundalini energy. I would advise that you regularly practice giving your partner an erotic massage to stimulate the senses and explore together the erotic power of touch, and take the time to set the scene first. Taking a bath together is a pleasant way to relax. I personally love the breast massage, and also a foot massage can be very erotic and relaxing.
So in this clip we have covered
• How Tantric massage helps you connect with your partner on a deep level
• How to set the scene and stimulate all the senses
• How to perform a Tantric breast massage
• Recommendations for regular massage
Thank you for watching Sex: Woman First episode # 3, I am Laura and see you next time.

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