Published on 18 Nov 2016 | 2 months ago

I. Functions
The machine is designed for the production line of mid-sized and small-sized paper cartons. When the cardboard are indented, they will be automatically fed into machine, folded, glued, pressed, erected and ready for packing. The machine is suitable for producing Straight Line, Double side, Crashlock and 4 corner infolder and outfolder boxes and CD cases.
1. This unique machine design offers steady operation and low maintenance.
2. Equipped with Taiwan's TECO motor and Panasonic frequency converter, the machine consumes less electricity and has the ability to control speed automatically.
3、With the double-sided handle as the adjusting device, the machine is easy and simple to operate.
4、Multiple thickened conveyor belts made in Japan and double dumper plates ensure continuous, precise and automatic feeding.
5、With upper and lower conveyor belts running, the friction against the product can be reduced to the lowest.
6、Equipped with upper paster and lower paster which can self-adjust vertically or be adjusted by handle horizontally with ease. And all types of spraying systems are available.
7、Equipped with servocontrol system, PLC operation system and photoelectronic calculation, the machine has comprehensive functions。
8、The transfer and press panels, made from special materials, are capable of adjusting to the proper compression. Sponge belts can be added to prevent cartons from scuffed or crushed.

The machine can be adjusted to make special designed cartons.

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