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Madhan tries to blackmail a girl who is cheating his partner. He calls her and after using her he beats her to death.

Manmadhan is a 2004 Tamil romantic thriller film directed by A.J. Murugan. Silambarasan wrote the story, screenplay and co-dialog along with Balakumaran as well as playing the lead title role. The film has Jyothika enacting the lead female role, Goundamani, Sindhu Tolani, Atul Kulkarni and Santhanam playing supporting roles and guest appearances by Mandira Bedi as a psychologist, Brinda Parekh as playgirl and Yana Gupta as a club dancer. .

Movie synopsis: A violently depressed Madhan (Silambarasan) arrives at a hospital seeking psychiatric counselling. This proves to be a ruse, however, and he craftily seduces the psychiatrist (Mandira Bedi). Subsequently, he kills her.
Madhan Kumar is shown to be an accounts manager who also studies music. A shy college student Mythili (Jyothika) has a nightmare of Madhan (whom she has never met before) raping her, and fears him when she meets him in real life. Intrigued by her behaviour, he approaches and befriends her. She soon realizes that he is by all accounts a good person, and starts to love him. However, every night Madhan stalks various women who are morally corrupt, seduces and kills them. Every time he embraces a woman with the intent of seducing her, his nose begins to bleed (a characteristic trait). Police Assistant Commissioner Deva (Atul Kulkarni) is assigned to bring the serial killer to justice.

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