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Published on 16 Jul 2013 | over 3 years ago

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14 Killer Bicep Exercises to mix up your Arm Workouts

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14 Killer Bicep Exercises to mix up your Arm Workouts. I am a certified personal trainer and Nutrition & Wellness Specialist. Fitness is my passion and huge part of my life. I love everything to do with aesthetics, whether improving my own body or my clients. I try to improve mentally and physically every day. I am addicted to the sense of accomplishment, whether a routine or monumental task, it still gives me a sense of pride. The satisfaction I get from helping a client overcome a mental or physical limitation is something I cannot put into words. I really love what I do. BradGainesFitness.com/about


14 Killer Bicep Exercises to mix up your Arm Workouts. If you want to get a nice set of gunz, you need to work both the bicep and triceps muscles. This video shows examples of some different biceps exercises you can throw into your arm workouts to mix it up a bit.

14 Killer Bicep Exercises to mix up your Arm Workouts. Your triceps make up 3/4 of your arm mass, so make sure you throw in a good amount of triceps exercises along with you bicep exercises.

I had a long description for each exercise, but youtube wouldn't let me save it because it was too long. Here is a list of the bicep exercises in order. A simple google search for each one will deliver you detailed instructions

1) Alternate Dumbbell Curls

2) Nilsson Curls

3) Alternate Seated Dumbbell Curls

4) Lying Overhead Cable Curls

5) Wide-Grip Standing Barbell Curls

6) Weight Plate Curls

7) Crossed Dumbbell Curls

8) Machine Preacher Curls

9) One-Arm Machine Preacher Curls

10) Squatting Cable Curls with Rope

11) Pausing Alternate Dumbbell Curls

12) Two-Arm Dumbbell Hammer Curls

13) Vertical Preacher Curls

14) Cable Curls with Rope

There are other variations of bicep exercises you can perform, but this is a good starting point. Make sure to pay attention in the gym and take precautions. It is easy to get injured if you are not alert of yourself and those around you. Most important of all, keep your lower back as straight as possible and pick up the weight using your legs.


14 Killer Bicep Exercises to mix up your Arm Workouts

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