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Published on 10 Aug 2012 | over 4 years ago

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Lecturers: Quataibah Abbasi And Sheikh Tawfique Chauwdhury.

My Brothers And Sisters In Islam, How Much Does Allah SWT Do For Us? He Created Us, He Gave Us Life, He Gave Us Good Health, He Gave Us Wealth, He Gave Us Children, He Gave Us Wives And Spouses, He Gave Us Beautiful Homes To Live In, He Promises For Us A Eternal Paradise, He Will Elevate Our Status And Let Us Look At His Face On The Day Of Judgement, How Does Allah SWT Love Us So Much, It's Shown By The Fact That: Even When We Disobey Him, He Still Feeds Us, He Still Clothes Us, He Still Lets Us Breath By Allah He Still Provides For Us And Nourishes Us And Sustains Us, Even Whilst We're Disobeying Him By Allah, Even When We're Committing That Sin, Allah's Still Letting Us Breath, Allah Is Still Letting Us Eat Our Food, 'Ya Salaam', How Great And How Noble And How Merciful Is Allah SWT?
How Is It So That: Abu Bakr; As The 'Amir' As The Head Of A State, He Would Travel Every day After Fajr To A Blind, Elderly Women's House And Clean Her House And Prepare Her Children, Tend To Her Animals And Yet She Didn't Even Know Who He Was, Who This Man Was. What About Umar Khattab RA, What About Him, He Was On His Way To Kill The Prophet SAW, To Kill The Prophet SAW And Instead He Accepted Islam And His Love For Allah SWT And His Deen Was So Great That While All The Other Muslims, While All The Other Muslims Were Hiding Their Islam, He Was Ready To Proclaim His Islam. What About Usman Ibn Affan RA, What About Him, When He Was Asked To Give, When He Gave My Dear Brothers And Sisters, He Gave From The Best Of What We Had, Usman Ibn Affan, He Gave The Best Of What He Had In All Of What He Had Or As Much As He Could, Ali Ibn Abi Talib RA, The Sahaba Said: That They Left Him After Isha In Ruku, They Came Before Fajr And They Found Him In Ruku Except There Was One Difference, There Was One Difference, That His Beard Was Soaked, His Beard Was Soaked And There Was A Puddle Beneath It, Ya Allah, Ya Allah.
But By Allah, You Are Special, You Are Special, He Created And You Are More Valuable To Allah SWT Than The Khabah, 'Wallahi' The Scholars In Islam Say: The Tears Of A Believer Are More Precious Than The Khabah, My Brothers And My Sisters In Islam, One Day The Prophet Muhammad SAW Stood Up In The depths Of The Night, It Is Authenticated Narrated In Bukhari That He Raised His Hands Up To The Heavens And He Said: O Allah, My Ummah, My Ummah, Ya Allah My Ummah, My ummah, Ya Allah My Ummah My Ummah, he Couldn't Say More Than That, He Couldn't Finish His Sentences, Because He Was So Emotional Until The Night Passed And The Last Third Of The Night Came, Until Fajr Time Came And At That Point Jibril AS Came Down And Said: Ya Muhammad, Ya Muhammad SAW, Allah Has Sent Me And Said: Ya Muhammad, Your Lord Won't Disappoint You Regarding Your Ummah, Your Lord Won't Disappoint You Regarding Your Ummah, The Question Is Brothers And Sisters In Islam, Are We Going To Disappoint Our Prophet Muhammad SAW?
What Is It That You Have Done To Prove To Allah SWT That You Love Him? To Prove To Allah SWT When He Asks You On The Day Of Judgement, Ya Abdi, Ya Abdi, O My Slave, How Have You Proven That You Love Me For That I May You Love You Back This Day, Be You Of Those People Who Fulfil His Vision, Be You Of Those People Who Fulfil Your Love For Allah SWT By Pursuing His Vision Of Rasulullah SAW On This Earth. Ask Yourself: Do You Love Allah?

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