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Published on 06 Jun 2016 | 12 months ago

Please do not judge mo, his sister and his mother because we know nothing about the truth. Maybe their dad did something wrong. Every family has its problem. If only mo didn't have this lavish lifestyle, i haven't made this video. Something is wrong. I hate people who got rich in dishonest means.

This is completely true because after i posted this video, Lana Rose addressed by posting on her fb about this issue she said a good father will never try to vandalize his children's car which is bought through her own money. (lana's money) She then deleted her posted because she realized it would make the story true.

IMAGE PROOF: i.imgur.com/4cRXJMu.png

I myself, am a fan of mo. I watch his vlogs everyday before i sleep. But mo, we need to face reality specially when you're 1m subscribers is within reach already. We can't hide anything forever. If your dad did something wrong then so be it and i respect your decision of ignoring him for the better. I do not hate, and this video was not made to hate. You need to clear the air because you're a popular individual and a Youtube star. As you get popular, people engage and get more curious with you. We will wait for you to tell the truth whenever the time is right.

Again, to all those people who say that i should not mess with other people's life. Think Again.

How many "famous" people do you know who are able to keep their life private? You can't invite the world into your home everyday with a camera and then expect to be private when you choose! You people all have to understand the price that comes with fame whether you agree with that price or not it happens to ALL famous people! Its just how the world works unfortunately!

Mo, if you want me to delete this vid, just send me a message. And for those who think i just made this to get likes and earn, this video is not even monetized and i dont have an adsense account linked.

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