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Published on 20 Jun 2012 | over 4 years ago

#Born in the Najdi small desert-village of Uyayna, Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhab was a zealot preacher who married a total of 20 wives (no more than 4 at a time) and had 18 children.
[Alexei Vassiliev, Ta'reekh Al-Arabiya Al-Saudiya [History of Saudi Arabia], Translated from Russian to Arabic by Khairi al-Dhamin and Jalal al-Maashta (Moscow: Dar Attagaddom, 1986), p. 108.]

#British spy Hampher said in his "CONFESSIONS of A BRITISH SPY and British Enmity Against Islam"
'We all married girls from tribes. We enjoyed the pleasure of a Muslim wife's devotion to her husband. Thus we had stronger relations with tribes.'

Women are treated like commodities and disposable containers in Saudi Wahhabi/Salafi society. Different kinds of legal opportunities have been provided for Wahhabi/Salafi men to exploit women in the name of Islam throughout the world. Saudi Wahhabi/Salafi scholars have issued many Fatawas to allow several kinds of deceptive and fake marriages to use women as sex slaves for as long as they wish. We are providing below some details in the two links below.
1. www.cifiaonline.com/prostitutionlegalized.htm
2. www.cifiaonline.com/saudisexslavetrade.htm

#Saudi Wahhabi/Salafi goes to Indonisia For Muttah and says it is halal Sex(Naujubillah)

Mut'ah Marriage is haram in Islam.
It was narrated from al-Rabee' ibn Sabrah al-Juhani that his father told him that he was with the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) who said, "O people, I used to allow you to engage´╗┐ in mut'ah marriages, but now Allaah has forbidden that until the Day of Resurrection, so whoever has any wives in a mut'ah marriage, he should let her go and do not take anything of the (money) you have given them."
[Narrated by Muslim, 1406.]

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