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Published on 14 Jul 2013 | over 3 years ago

Pegasus enters scheme of delivering hard hitting blows to Nemesis, preventing it from countering. Everyone around the world is seen cheering for Gingka as he fights for the fate of everyone, as Tobio and Ryuto are also seen. Nemesis then uses Shadow L-Drago in an attempt to knock Pegasus flying, but Gingka commands Pegasus to use Starblast Attack on Nemesis. The collision cancels out both moves as they both fall back. Shadow L-Drago is used again, but Pegasus responds by releasing its own beast, as well as Sagittario. Everyone falls into shock that Gingka has obtained the power of the Star Beasts in his bey. He quickly switches to Leone, Ares, and Anubius to which Nemesis counters with Shadow Forms of each. With each collision, the ground crumbles around Gingka and the Legendary Bladers. Gingka quickly releases the rest of the Star Beasts, overjoying the Legendary Bladers, but infuriating Rago to the extent where he commands their Shadow Forms to appear. Each beast collides with even power as the corners of the Kingdom begin to break off. Gingka begins to reach the limit of his physical strength. Rago takes advantage of this by commanding the Black Sun to use lightning on parts of the world. The WBBA Headquarters is annihilated, with minor damage to other buildings. Gingka continues to lack strength as the Shadow Beasts defeat each and every one of the Star Beasts. Each of the Legendary Bladers feel pain from their beast being defeated. Shadow L-Drago then proceeds to attack Sagittario and succeeds, sending Kenta back. The Shadow Beasts then merge into a Mutant Dragon creature with feet and wings. A darkness storm brews, causing Gingka to struggle to stand up once again. Benkei cannot stand to watch Gingka fail after the effort he put in and thinks of a way to help. His desire proceeds to cause Dark Bull to glow, along with Spiral Lyra, Spiral Fox, and Storm Aquario. Ryo explains that every bey descended from the original Star Fragment used to create Pegasus, so every bey in the world contains a part of the Fragment, no matter how small it may be. Benkei, overjoyed at this news, stands on the edge of the Helicopter with Hikaru, Toby and Zeo and fire their Fragments at Gingka. Everyone in the world notices and does the exact same, with everyone holding their beys up in the air and releasing the power of their Fragments. Each Fragment joins together in the air and collides onto the Kingdom, removing Nemesis' Ultimate Shadow Beast and powering Pegasus up once again. Gingka and Pegasus glow golden, much to the shock of Rago. Gingka commands Pegasus to attack Nemesis once again as the episode ends. It is in the climax of the last battle. Gingka with his Cosmic Pegasus against the over-powered Nemesis. Gingka continues with attacks as he attempts to knock out Diablo Nemesis with all he can in his might, willpower, and wit. Rago while inside of Nemesis is not fond as Nemesis keeps continuing to attack as still, everyone around the globe is watching, but there seems to be no use in this. With Nemesis' Shadow Beast, it may seem to be the end of Gingka, Pegasus, and the fate of humanity. Gingka does not care and instead commands Pegasus. He rides on Pegasus Beast as they fly into outer space, with which, they disappear for a moment. When at that moment, Cosmic Pegasus' motif appears big and flashes, signifying a special move. Gingka and Pegasus glides down toward Earth, in a special move reminiscent of their first: Starblast Attack. They, with Pegasus' golden aura, strike Nemesis into its chest with a Super Cosimc Tornado, as Cosimc Pegasus is in close combat with Diablo Nemesis. Gingka gives it his all, as he knows that if he loses right now, all is lost in this world and for everything else. He can only survive this battle by his friends, family, ideals, and for his wanting of a better future for his friends, family, and the ultimate fate of humanity. Gingka then unleashes the final strike. Pegasus goes through Nemesis' chest, creating a hole as Nemesis begins to lose power. Nemesis' dark power starts to burst away, with all of it disappearing against Nemesis' will. Rago himself, even shows his pain and agony as he cannot do anything now. Nemesis' Shadow Beast appears to be getting weaker by the moment. The Black Sun is losing power due to Nemesis losing as well and falls off, disappearing in the midst. Nemesis falls as Nemesis and Rago disappear with no trace left behind at all. The dark clouds that took place during the battle leave, as a sun-light returns. Everyone is left watching, wondering what happens to Gingka and Pegasus. It is then where Cosmic Pegasus is spinning, albeit almost losing spin. Gingka is alone watching, with scars left throughout his body. Cosmic Pegasus ends its spin and stops, where Gingka simultaneously collapses onto the ground. Gingka's friends dash at him, being afraid if Gingka is deceased. They then find Gingka but see he has awoken in which they relief.

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