Published on 13 Oct 2016 | about 1 month ago

How to overcome depression without med? Guys, I am no doctor but the only way to overcome depression is by feeling awesome. Now on a serious note, people should all realize that in as much as depression is an illness, it is the state of the mind. It's all in the mind and that's where the battle begins and that's where it will end. To start with if you taking medication follow the doctors prescription but medicine plays a certain role and the rest has to be done by you. What things can you do yourself to overcome depression? There are a couple of things you can do.

First things first, you have to let go of any load you are carrying that is weighing u down. Secondly, rediscover yourself...Try to remember those things you enjoyed doing. If it's travelling, then get right back into it. If it's eating your favorite dish at your favorite restaurant then get back into it. Another thing is this, don't try to isolate yourself from anybody. Be around people especially those who are close to you. Please subscribe to this channel if you want to learn more

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