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Published on 07 Aug 2014 | over 2 years ago

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The Prophet SAW Divided Up The Army In To Three Main Groups, the Muhajiroun Under The Leadership Of Musab Ibn Umayr, The Aws Under The Leadership Of Usayd Ibn Hudayr And Khazraj Under The Leadership Of Al-Huba Ibn Al-Munzir, Rasullullah SAW When He Took A Look At The Battlefield, He Realised That There Was A Potential Of Attack From The Rear Because There Was A Small Hill In Front Of It, So Rasullullah SAW Paces Fifty Men, Archer On Top Of That Hill, And He Gives Them Very Clear Instructions, He Said: Do Not Come Down Whether We’re Winning Or Losing Unless Until I Tell You To Do So, The Muslims Charged, The Initial Attack Has Been Devastating, The Mushrikoon Could Not Sustain This Assault Despite Their Overwhelmingly Powerful Well Armed Army, They Were not Able To Maintain The Assault That The Muslims Did On The Quraysh And They Make Their Way All The Way To The End, The Muslims Were Winning And The Enemy Was Fleeing The Battleground, But The Tides Were Turning, The Archers Who Were Instructed By Rasullullah SAW To Remain On The Hill Forty Of Them Defected, Khaild Ibn Waleed And Ikhramah Ibn Abu Jahl, They Immediately Took Advantage Of That And Outflanked The Muslim Army, It Was A Chaotic State For The Muslims And When The Army Of Quraysh Saw That They Attacked From The other Side, Now The Muslims Were Sandwiched, They Were Attacking both Side, From The Front And From The Rear And That Is When The Muslims Were Defeated And That Is When They Were Being Killed And They Were Falling One After The Other, At Last The Enemy Broke Through To Rasullullah SAW, He Was Hit With A Rock And Fell On His Side Breaking His Front Teeth Slashing His Face And Spitting His Lips, So Rasullullah SAW Himself Was Injured In The Battle Of Uhud, While Rasullullah SAW Was Wiping The Blood Of His Face, He Said: How Could Any People Prosper Who Struck Their Prophet And Broke His Front Teeth While He Called People To Allah, Victory Is From Allah, If Allah Wants To Give You Victory, No One, No Power On Earth Can Stop That From Happening.

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