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Published on 13 May 2015 | about 1 year ago

Bodybuilder bodies are often destroyed from steroids and HGH, which cause extreme transformations. The before and after photos are unreal.

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December, 2003--Former heavyweight boxer Bob Hazleton has both his legs amputated just days before Christmas as the result of a certain chemical abuse gone wrong. It's steroids, and it'll slowly kill you from the inside out.

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What is it?
Anabolic-androgenic steroids, or AAS, are artificial hormones whose function is similar to that of the male sex hormone testosterone. Its legal function is to treat problems like late puberty, significant muscle loss in patients with cancer, and HIV/AIDS. Nowadays, it’s used in an irresponsibly abused or illicited way by athletes wanting to build muscle faster in order to improve their results in sports or to improve their physical appearance within as little as 1 cycle or 3 months. It can be taken orally, injected muscularly, or even rubbed into the skin.

Where is it located?
Anabolic steroids didn’t gain worldwide recognition until the 20th century, but the use of pure testosterone dates back to the original Olympic Games in Greece, where athletes ate animal testicles before a competition. These days, the use of steroids is prevalent all throughout the world and it seems as if its consumption is not going to go down anytime soon. Some famous athletes who have used steroids include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Floyd Landis, Roger Clemens, Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Chris Benoit, Marion Jones, Ben Johnson, Alex Rodriguez, Jose Conseco, and Barry Bonds.

How will it kill you?
Despite the fact that anabolic steroids can give you temporary athletic and aesthetic benefits, its abuse can cause severe side effects such as liver tumors, high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, testicle shrinkage, and prostate cancer. Changes in women can be seen through the growth of facial hair and an absence in the menstrual cycle. In adolescents, the drug can affect their bodily development while also causing emotional problems such as depression, paranoia, jealousy, and irritability. Users also have a higher possibility of needle-borne illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and hepatitis B and C.

How to survive:
Responsible use of anabolic steroids means using them only when prescribed in order to treat real health issues. Recovery from its symptoms varies from a few months to several years. If you or someone you know is abusing the use of anabolic steroids or experiencing some of the symptoms we’ve described, don't hesitate to seek professional medical help in order to receive treatment as soon as possible.

Now what do you think is worse and why? Being attacked by a leopard? Or being attacked by a wolf?

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