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Published on 21 Oct 2016 | 6 months ago

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Not having friends Men are attracted to women who have an active social life. Having friends indicates that you have people in your life who want to spend time with you. That is alluring to a prospective partner. It also shows that friends are important to you and that the man isn't the centre of your world. So therefore, he has to put more effort in to get to spend time with you. It also gives you so much more to talk about when you do spend time together as a couple. If women ditch their friends to spend all their time with a man, that can be a real turn off.

Being irrationally jealous This shows buried insecurities and diminishes attraction rapidly. Men are attracted to women who have a sense of inner confidence and are generally, secure in themselves. If you show signs of jealousy (such as freaking out if he wants a boys' night out), men pick up on this incredibly quickly so it's wise to look at why that is and deal with any jealousy issues before you get into something too serious.

Texting too much Men typically have a different perspective on texts. They use them for logistics and aren't as big on texting as women. If you're constantly texting a man, it conveys a sense of neediness and that you have a lot of time on your hands. To start with especially, keep texts relatively short, fun and flirty and avoid sending too many.

Not having any outside interests Men are attracted to interesting women with passions, hobbies and things to talk about. You can only have these things if you engage in activities and interests outside of the relationship. As tempting as it is to want to spend all your time with a new man in your life, it's so important that you keep doing all the things that you love because it makes you a far more interesting and enticing person to be with. It will also make you happier because you'll feel like your life is more well-rounded.
If you're constantly texting a man, it conveys a sense of neediness and that you have a lot of time on your hands

If you're constantly texting a man, it conveys a sense of neediness and that you have a lot of time on your hands

Baby talk It's not cute or endearing. It comes across as needy and immature so refrain from it!

Being possessive Allow a man to also be free to keep doing all the things he loves. As soon as a man feels like he's being restricted from other things in his life that he enjoys, it will put pressure on the relationship and it probably won't be long before he starts to lose interest and want out. A couple thrive most when they allow one another to have a life outside of the relationship.

Talk badly of other women This also conveys insecurity. If you're bringing down something about other women, it can give men the impression that you're hard work and lack confidence in yourself. It's fine to have opinions, but when it's outrightly criticising or bitching about another woman for no constructive reason, that's not an attractive quality to have.

Being a drama queen Creating drama for no real reason can suggest that you're high maintenance. There's a balance between reacting accordingly to something and blowing it way out of proportion. Being around someone creates or attracts drama can be really hard work and this is particularly off-putting for men!

Pushing for too much commitment too soon Whilst it's good to know where a relationship is going, it's also wise to let it evolve naturally and not put pressure on a man to commit. If you show signs of that, he will likely run a mile. If he likes you and values you that much, he will want to commit as opposed to being forced. You always have the option to walk away if it isn't going where you want it to.

Oversharing Part of building connection is being about to trust your partner with the more private things about you and that's important, but you should avoid getting into all of this too soon. The relationship should begin on a level that is two people getting to know each other on a more fun and light hearted level, not baring one another's souls, which can become very intense too quickly.

Calling the shots Little Miss Bossy is not a good look when it comes to dating either, remember they have survived this long without you micro-managing them so continue to let them carry on the way they are happy with. If you feel you need to change them from day one then you are probably with the wrong man!

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