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Published on 24 Mar 2015 | about 1 year ago

This Tayo Season 2 compilation video has stories about A Frightful Night, Nana's Invitation, Tayo's First Snow Day, and Hana's Special Day. Why Tayo and friends had a frightful night? Are you guys frightened in night, too? If you are with Tayo, everything is Okay! It's way more fun than you think!

1:15 - 12:15 #23 A Frightful Night www.youtube.com/watch
12:16 - 23:15 #24 Nana's Invitation www.youtube.com/watch
23:16 - 34:15 #25 Tayo's First Snow Day www.youtube.com/watch
34:1645:15 #26 Hana's Special Day www.youtube.com/watch

23. A Frightful Night
In the dead of the night, the heavy vehicles that were working at the old factory come to hear the story of the ghost car. All the heavy vehicles start to act like they're not bothered, saying there's no such thing as ghosts. But when they hear a ghost's cry from afar, they all run off in terror. The heavy vehicles that are now back at the garage feign illness because they don't want to go back to the factory. Tayo and Rogi become curious after hearing the ghost story and decide to go to the old factory. Tayo and Rogi meet at the factory at night. Now that they're actually there, they are scared, but because they don't want to lose to one another by showing fear, they slowly make their way toward the factory.

24. Nana's Invitation
The little buses and Hana are invited to the countryside by Nana. There they meet new friends Ractor, Champ, and Coco. Everyone is having a good time except Nana's childhood friend Coco who's upset that Nana seems to be praising Tayo all the time. Tayo and the other buses agree to help Ractor with a few things, but when Tayo repeatedly makes mistakes, Coco jumps at the opportunity to criticize him. But Nana only comforts Tayo more, which makes Coco get angrier. Because Coco keeps telling him off, Tayo slowly gets angry himself.

25. Tayo's First Snow Day
On a cold winter day, the little buses are excited because they hear there's going to be snow, while Hana and Cito are worried about safety on the snowy roads. Hana and Cito earnestly tell the others that if it snows, they must come back to the garage and gear up with safety equipment. The next morning, Tayo decides to play at the playground for a while before he goes on his route. At that moment, snow starts to fall. Tayo is exhilarated and starts playing in the snow, losing track of time. He later discovers he's late for his route, and in a hurry to drive out, he begins his route without any safety equipment.

26. Hana's Special Day
Hana, who's been working busily since the morning, finds out that she's all out of maintenance supplies. She looks for the little buses to buy the supplies, but for some reason, she can't find them anywhere. Hana is stumped because there are no cars she can ride out with. By chance, Nuri visits the garage, so Hana rides Nuri to get to the supply store. On her way to the store, Hana experiences several extremely fortunate events.

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