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Published on 17 Nov 2016 | 6 months ago

From the mysterious Bermuda Triangle where ships go missing or sink to the Blue Hole in Belize a dangerous diving spot for tourists!

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Rivers of China, China
5. The rivers of China are dangerous, but they kill in a different manner than the other locations that have been featured on this list thus far. They kill through pollution. China has a population that is close to two billion, and this is a huge cause for the extreme amount of pollution in China. However, the pollution is not only restricted to the air, but it also persists in the water. The pollution in the water is composed of almost everything you could imagine: garbage, harmful chemicals, and even radiation. This causes a myriad of health problems for the people of China who live near the river. Almost no one actually goes into it. The people who live in the villages near the rivers of China are 35% more likely to get diseases such as cancer compared to the national average and people die much younger when they live near these infected waters. Conservation efforts to revitalize these rivers is an ongoing thing, but it will take some time before these rivers will ever be back to their former glory.

The World’s Southern Ocean
4. The Southern Ocean of the World or the Antarctic Ocean is one of the harshest environments on our planet above and below the water. The Southern Ocean touches Antarctica on one side and three other oceans on the other. This ocean is not defined on our maps and in reality it is made up from parts of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. However, this ocean is unique in its sheer roughness. It has the highest winds and the biggest waves of our entire planet and sailing or even being out here is more dangerous than attempting to dive in the various sinkholes detailed on this list. In addition to the extremely dangerous environment in which this ocean exists, some of the most dangerous animals in the sea exist out here and can be a serious threat to human life in the waters. The most dangerous part of being here is the cold. It is regularly below zero degrees Fahrenheit, and the cold is one of the most prominent ways that this ocean kills people.

The Indian Ocean
3. The Indian Ocean is another part of the world’s waters that kills differently than the other hazards detailed on this list. Unlike the rivers of China though, it is not the pollution that will get you. Rather it is other people who will get you. The waters of the Indian Ocean the most pirate-infested waters in the world. Most of them come from the small kingdom of Somalia where the people are so poor that they have been forced to go to the sea and raid passing ships with assault weapons just to get enough money to eat. These pirates will not hesitate to kill you because when they are hijacking your ship, if you resist (or even if you don’t) you are the only thing standing between them and feeding their families. In the Indian Ocean you have to be actively aware of pirates, if you are not you could end up dead or stranded and neither of those things are very good for your health.

Brine Pool, Gulf of Mexico
2. The Brine Pool is an underwater location that sits at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. This newly discovered danger zone is basically death to anything that comes into it whether it be man or animal. The reason for the death caused here is due to the extremely high levels of salt in the water here. The salt density mixed with various other chemicals such as sulfur create a thick soup of death that kills anything to cross into it. The amount of acidic material in the brine pool causes animals and people alike to get effectively burned to death by the solvent-rich water. The crab that you see in the image has basically been pickled and boiled to death, according to scientists, and it was all because he was unlucky enough to fall into what some people are now calling “The Jacuzzi of Death.” This zone is fascinating to scientists, but overall it should be avoided by any reasonable person.

The Bermuda Triangle
1. The Bermuda Triangle is essentially the most dangerous zone in the entire ocean. The catch is that none knows for sure why this is. There have been multiple theories attempting to relate why almost anyone who enters this triangle of water disappears. The driving theory is the presence of gas pockets under the water that rises to the surface and explodes causing ships to sink. If they do not hit a ship, they can rise into the air and potentially knock out the electronics in an aircraft. This is the most accepted theory, but other ideas such as the possibility of aliens or witchcraft have captivated observers of the Bermuda Triangle since its discovery as a dangerous zone.

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