Published on 30 Jul 2014 | over 3 years ago

7 Easy Tips to prevent Fights in your Relationships. These tips will help you in spending better time in your relationships with your loved ones, families, friends etc. So now is the time to reduce stress and anger in your relations, and fill those moments with joy and happiness. So in this Inspiring Hindi video on relationships, I will give you 7 quick and important tips on how to avoid fights in relationships. These tips will guide you on how to be happy in relationships.

As I always say, when it comes to relationships and love in couples, families, friends etc., an individual may not be perfect but relationship has to be perfect. So following are the 7 relationships tips which help you to avoid relationship problems in terms of arguments or fights leading to unnecessary stress or anger. Be it a relationship between wife and husband, or family relationships, relations between friends or office relationships, in all the cases, whenever there is any argument, it can lead to misunderstandings, miscommunications etc. This causes stress in relations and also can lead to break ups. So here I will like to start with 7 Happiness tips which will guide you on how to be happy in a relationship.

First tip in this Hindi Motivational Video is to stay in Present, many a times we try to bring issues of past in our current relationships. Just like an old newspaper, old issues do not play any role now, they will only lead to hurting emotions and sentiments of your loved one. So, always stick to present while you are in discussion with your partner. Second point int his hindi inspirational video is to avoid judgement. Many a times, while trying to give feedback to our friends, family members or office colleagues, many a times we pass a judgement statement, which becomes an attack on personality or nature. This will lead to fights or arguments and happiness in relationship can get affected. So do not give judgement and try to pass statement in right way. You can watch my communications skills in Hindi video to know more about how to give feedback or how to take feedback. Further in this inspirational speech in hindi, I have given third point on how to avoid arguments in relations, which is to stick to one issue. While we are trying to convey one issue, we at times make it a rapid fire attack and bring many other issues together. My relationship advice in hindi in this point is to stick to one issue at one time. Fourth point in this motivational videos in hindi is to avoid few words. This is also part of communication skills, wherein one shall be careful in choosing right words. Words like hamesha or kabhi nahi, always or never, are not true but are usually spoken out of anger in relationships. You will not get positive response or positive body language from others if you will use such negative words. Fifth point in this happiness videos in hindi is to not to assume. Assumptions are relationship destroyers, when we try to assume we do not listen, when we do not listen, we are unable to understand. So instead of assuming, you should listen to others and try to develop understanding in relationships. You can watch my video on listening skills in hindi to learn more about art of listening in relationships. Sixth point in this inspirational videos about life is to be compassionate. You should have compassion for your loved ones, here I will give you one quick tip on compassion in relationships. If you want to avoid relationship problems and want to improve relationships, then always try to challenge yourself to find a positive intention behind actions. For example, in case of wife and husband, or girlfriend and boyfriend, one of the partner takes lot of time in deciding the venue for dinner. Instead of getting irritated, you can think that he is taking time because he wants to take you to best possible option, so he is not confused, he is concerned. Similarly, many a times husband has a complaint with wife about repeated calls, but there is a positive intent of concern, care and love behind phone calls. Last point in this motivational hindi video is to decide on action steps, this is the last out of 7 relation tips on how to stay happy in hindi video. Whenever you face any problems in relationships, and when that problem has been solved, try to take initiative of taking action steps to prevent similar problems in future, and also you can request you family member, spouse or colleague to take actions steps to avoid fights in relationships in future. So these were the 7 relationship tips to avoid fights in relations. I will keep posting more happiness videos, relationship videos, parenting tips, communication skills videos, motivational videos and inspirational videos on my youtube channel.

Wish you happiness in relationships...!

All the Best,
Himeesh Madaan
Motivational Speaker in India
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