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Published on 24 May 2013 | over 3 years ago

Drugged into unconsciousness by the evil cult leader, Toth (Will McDonald), Grace (Alexis Golightly) is dragged to an ancient sacrificial altar by Toth's brutal henchman (Joe Zaso), where she is to be stripped and bound, her body offered up to a monstrous entity from another dimension...

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Explicit Content - Adults 18+ Only

"Zombies, witchcraft, skeletons, cults, boobs... a wild, trippy, b-movie, low-budget, cheesy wonderment." -- Abraham Phillips, ABucketofCorn.com

"90 minutes of top-notch, old-school, indie-horror awesomeness." -- Maynard Morrissey, HorrorMovieDiary.net

Feels like an unsung gem of an earlier era of shot-on-video horror." -- Eric Cotenas, DVDBeaver.com

"Demon Resurrection is a properly scary supernatural shocker very much in the tradition of Lucio Fulci's best zombie/demon-movies... genre fans with a touch of nostalgia will surely appreciate it." -- Mike Haberfelner, searchmytrash.com

"H.P. Lovecraft meets NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD... Recommended." - Kevin Lindenmuth, Buried.com

"I enjoyed this a lot... oozes with atmosphere... a nice blend of zombies and occult horror... a well made and entertaining horror flick... highly recommended... - Jörgen Lundin, Independent Flicks

"Fast 'n fun amalgamation of THE BIG CHILL...TOMBS OF THE BLIND DEAD and ROSEMARY'S BABY... contains lots of sputtering blood, the ravenously undead, a slithery birth plus a little bit o' nudity..." - Brian Kirst, HorrorSociety.com

"...an entertaining film which pays open homage to some horror classics... well-acted..." - Keri O'Shea, BrutalAsHell.com

"...a great exploitation flick... Recommended for all gore and zombie fans." - Jocke Andersson, RubberMonsterFetishism.blogspot.com

"...a pleasant surprise, with zombies, gore, nudity and witchcraft mixed in a grue stew that is well acted." - Kevin G. Shinnick, publisher, Scarlet The Film Magazine

"low-budget horror fans will be gratified... as disgusting and perverse as you can get... lots of blood, disembowelment... classic exploitation stuff." - Billy Gil, Home Media Magazine

"There is a lot to like about... DEMON RESURRECTION. The production values are high... the practical effects work incredibly well, the music is effective and the direction is accomplished... There are zombies and they look great... It has so much going for it, we... have to give the movie four head shots out of five." - Derek M. Koch, MailOrderZombie.com

DEMON RESURRECTION is a Frank Cilla production for Feature Resources, Inc., produced in association with Edward Wheeler.

DEMON RESURRECTION © 2008 Feature Resources, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.

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