Published on 28 Dec 2012 | over 4 years ago

Product name: けしごむをつくろう! アイスのけしごむ
Brand: Kutsuwa
(1) It cost 410 yen. For Ages 6 and up.
(2) It's not regular clay. It's eraser dough (special substance). They are not scented.
(3) Spraying water to the mold, the dough doesn't stick to the mold.
(4) The directions say "don't put multiple of those dough in the microwave at the same time. It has to be one by one."
Microwave heating times vary according to dough size. If you boil all of them at once, some of them would not become erasers, or eraser dough would stick together.
(5) Pour water to cover the eraser plus 1.5 centimeter.
(6) 1:07 Put it in cold water for 3minutes after you take it out of the microwave.
(7) 2:58 The yellow and white one is supposed to be scoop of icecream.
(8) 4:10 The charm is from "Kutsuwa keychain kit" video.

★It's hard to knead the dough in a place at low temperature. When you knead the dough in a place at high temperature, it would become soft and stick together easily.
When you rub the dough parts, they just stick together on their own. (When you do it in a place at low temperature, it might not stick together because the dough wouldn’t become soft.)

※ I did it in cold winter. The dough didn't become soft enough and the dough parts didn't stick together well.


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