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Published on 04 Jul 2013 | over 3 years ago

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Ya'juj And Ma'juj, Are Two Tribes, Are They Human Beings Or Are They A Different Creation? Ya'juj Are Ma'juj Are Human Beings, They Are Tribes That Actually Exist On Earth And When they Come Out, They're Gonna Come Out So Quickly And So Fast, You Won't Be Able To Stand In front Of Them, You Have To Run Away From Them, And When ya'juj And Ma'juj Come Out, They Would Pour From Every Direction, They're Just Very Very Corrupted, they Are More Corrupted Than The Corrupted People Of Today, Immoral, No Principal, Nothing And When they Come Out, They Just Destroy, They Destroy, Rob, Rap, Murder Kill All Of Those Things And They Just Worry About Their, they Wanna Be Leaders of The World, Has Anyone Heard Of Dhul Qarnain? Dul Qarnain Is A king That Lived 1000 Years Ago, He Doesn't Even Exist in Living History, It Speaks About Dhul Qarnain As Being That king And Allah SWT Describes Him As A Just A Fair Leader Who Used To Say: Whoever Does Good Then We Will Repay Him And Whoever Does Wrong, We Will Punish Him A Punishment In This World And In The Hereafter A Punishment That Is Unheard Of, Dhul Qrnain Reached The Farthest Lands, He Said: He Found People There; These People Where Complaining To Dhul Qarnain, They Were Saying That Ya'juj And Ma'juj Ar Causing So Much Corruption, We Want You To Establish A Dam That Will Seal Them Away From Us, he Built A Dam, Something That Was Strong, So Impermeable, That Nothing Can Reach And Nothing Can Come, Nothing Can Break It Down Anymore, No Climate, No People, No Weaponry, Nothing, Ya'juj And Ma'juj, We Have No Clue Where They Are, They're Somewhere In The East, Of Madina But Where Exactly, Only Allah SWT Know Because Dhul Qarnain Did His Job So Well, He Sealed It Off Completely, Rasullullah SAW, Everyday Ya'juj And Ma'juj Are Piercing Through This Barrier, When Night, When It's Done With Their Work And They Have Just A Little Bit Left, their Leader Would Say: Let's Come Back And Finish it Tomorrow. They Would Come Back Tomorrow And Find That It's Sealed Again Until When Their Term Is Appointed And Destined To Come Out, They Will Dig Through, Then Their Leader Will Say, Tomorrow We Will Come Back And Insha'allah, We're Gonna Complete Digging, So They Will Say Insha'allah, Next Day They Will Come And Open Up The Seal And They Will Come Out.

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