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Published on 17 Jul 2016 | 3 months ago

Qandeel Baloch Brother Wasim Arrested Reason Why He Killed Her Qandeel Baloch laid to rest
Qandeel Baloch's brother confesses 'honour' killing

Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloch Murdered , Qandeel Baloch Death - Exclusive Footage of Qandeel Baloch Dead Body and House

It has been reported by police that the controversial model Qandeel Baloch is killed by her brother in Quetta. Fouzia Azeem, otherwise called Qandeel Baloch, was a Pakistani social media big name notable for her videos talking about her daily routine and different disputable issues. According to police, the brother choked her to death in the name of “Honor Killing” and has fled away from the scene.

Famous Pakistani Model Qandeel baloch ka Qatal kr dia gya he

Fouzia Azeem (born 1 March 1990 - 16 July 2016) , also known as Qandeel Baloch, was a Pakistani social media celebrity notable for her videos discussing her daily routine and various controversial issues.International news media like Agence France-Presse has compared her to K.She was shot dead/strangled by her brother according to Dawn News.

Most recently Qandeel met Mufti Abdul Qavi in a hotel room to learn more about her faith, the interaction between them brought mayhem on social media platforms as their photos went viral online.She also wore a hat with Mufti's signature.

Her previous stunt which spread in social media was that she promised to strip dance for her nation and to dedicate her dance to cricketer Shahid Afridi if Pakistan won the Twenty20 match against India on 19 March 2016. She had released a teaser regarding her strip dance on social media which went viral but Pakistan had lost the match.Some Indian media compare her with P due to her controversial personality and similarities.

In an interview with controversial anchor Mubashir Luqman, Qandeel named S, Rakhi Sawant and Poonam Pandey as her inspirations.She also said that many organizations, people or media groups are calling her to feature in their shows to increase their own TRP ratings.

qandeel baloch death

Personal life.
Baloch married Ashiq Hussain 2008. The two separated in 2010 with Baloch claiming her husband was abusive.She was strangled to death by her own brother (Waseem) in Muzaffarabad, Multan. Her death was reported by her own father. She was celebrating Eid with her family.

Internet sensation Qandeel Baloch’s brother, who was arrested late Saturday night, has confessed to murdering her by first drugging her and then strangling her , CPO Multan presented Qandeel’s brother, Wasim, to the media in a press conference late Saturday, saying that initial investigations have revealed that the suspect acted alone and fled to DG Khan after strangling the social media starlet to death, along with two of his friends.

“Qandeel was bringing dishonour to the Baloch people and I could not tolerate that. Also, her issue with the clergyman had increased our troubles,” confessed her drug-addicted brother, Wasim. He said he drugged her and then killed her by suffocation around 11:30pm on Friday. He further added that he had acted alone and was unrepentant.

“I proudly admit to murdering Qandeel and I have earned heaven and honour by providing relief to my parents and family. After the videos with Mufti Abdul Qavi had gone viral on social media, I planned to murder her and was only waiting for the best moment,” he said.

“I am a drug addict but I was in my senses when I murdered her and I accept it with pride. Now everybody will remember me with honour that I have provided relief to my parents and brothers who were suffering due to her for last two decades,” Wasim added.

Further, he said, “Girls are born only to stay at home and to bring honour to the family by following family traditions but Qandeel had never done that. My friends used to send me videos and pictures on my mobile and everyone in the mobile market was sharing pictures and videos of her with me. Murdering her was better than committing suicide so I went with the latter plan.”

He was arrested from DG Khan while police continues to look for the other two men.

CPO Multan further added that samples have been taken from Qandeel’s body which will be sent to Lahore to determine if she was drugged or not.

Further, he added that rumours of Qandeel’s parents being taken in remand are false. Also, the model’s cell phone has been recovered and will be used to help in the investigations.

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Qandeel Baloch brother waseem arrested & claim he killed her for "HONOUR" || How he Murdered
Qandeel Baloch brother waseem arrested & claim he killed her for "HONOUR"

Qandeel Baloch brother waseem arrested

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