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Published on 27 Jun 2014 | over 2 years ago

MayDay Air Crash Investigation New Episode
An Air New Zealand Airbus A320-200, registration D-AXLA (ZK-OJL) impacted Mediterranean Sea Nov 27th 2008

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An Air New Zealand Airbus A320-200, registration D-AXLA (ZK-OJL), test flight GXL888T from Perpignan to Perpignan (France) for a touch and go and then onward to Frankfurt/Main (Germany) with 7 people (2 Germans, 5 New Zealanders) on board, crashed into the Mediterranean Sea off the coast near Perpignan (France) at 16:46 local (15:46Z), approximately 7km (3.8nm) before Saint-Cyprien.

The airplane was heard on Perpignan's approach frequency at approximately 16:45 local (15:45Z), when the crew established contact with approach descending through flight level 120 on a heading of 090. The approach controller cleared the airplane for the LANET ILS 33 approach (see chart below) and a descent to 4000 feet. That instruction was acknowledged, which was the last transmission from the aircraft. The pilot of a Piper yelled on the radio shortly thereafter, that an airplane had crashed. The pilot started to circle the crash site at radial 110 PPG VOR DME 10.5 until first rescue forces, a helicopter immediately dispatched from Perpignan, arrived on scene. The helicopter crew subsequently reported a white spot on the sea via radio, no aircraft visible, but debris spread out one kilometer (~0.6nm).

Coast Guard patrol boats as well as a helicopter by the Navy found floating parts, the airplane itsself has been located on a sandy ground at a depth of 35 meters. The search and rescue operations were suspended at around 22:30Z Nov 27th and resumed at daybreak Nov 28th.

The black boxes were located on Friday (Nov 28th), however not yet recovered due to deteriorating weather conditions. The cockpit voice recorder could be recovered on Saturday (Nov 29th), the first results should be known within 48 hours, the deputy prosecutor said in a press conference on Saturday. In another press conference on Monday the states attorney reported, that the cockpit voice recorder was destroyed beyond use. The flight data recorder was recovered on Monday, too, the condition of the device has not been revealed. Indications are, that the airplane hit the water at very high speed and completely disintegrated. A judicial investigation into involuntary homicide has been opened by the states attorney.

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