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Published on 11 Aug 2016 | 4 months ago

The main event was a Hell in a Cell match for the WWE Championship. Brock Lesnar defended the title against The Undertaker. Lesnar started the match by applying a Bearhug on Undertaker but Taker broke free. Lesnar whipped Undertaker off the ropes and hit him with a Scoop Powerslam for a near-fall. Undertaker knocked Lesnar out of the ring. Lesnar tried to get out of the cage as he went to the cage door. After Lesnar got outside of the cage, Undertaker followed him to the outside and the two began fighting until their action returned to the ring. Undertaker used his cast on Lesnar several times, causing Lesnar to bleed. Undertaker slammed him off the ring steps and then attacked him over in the corner against the cage wall. Undertaker then drove Lesnar's head into the steel wall of the cell. Undertaker continued his assault on Lesnar and slammed him into the cell wall again and he bounced off of the steps again. Lesnar eventually started focusing on Undertaker's injured hand but Undertaker did not lose his momentum and continued to fight back. Undertaker was distracted by Lesnar's manager Paul Heyman. Undertaker grabbed Heyman's tie through the cage and pulled him repeatedly into the cage, causing him to bleed. Lesnar took advantage of the distraction and started fighting Undertaker. He backed Undertaker into the wall of the cell and worked on the injured hand. He slammed the hand repeatedly and then tried to remove the cast. Undertaker began attacking Lesnar and prevented him from removing the cast. Lesnar took advantage of the hand's injury and continued his attempt to remove the cast. He took Undertaker back to the ring and kicked Undertaker's injured hand, which allowed Lesnar to remove the cast off of Undertaker's hand. Lesnar focused on Undertaker's injured hand and continued to attack it until Undertaker low blowed Lesnar. However, Lesnar recovered and delivered a DDT to Undertaker. Lesnar went to the outside of the ring. Undertaker recovered and dove through the ropes and attempted to perform a Suicide Dive on Lesnar but Lesnar avoided the move and Undertaker slammed right into the steel cage. Lesnar got up and slammed Taker into the cell and clotheslined him. Lesnar grabbed the steel steps and attacked Undertaker with them, causing Undertaker to bleed profusely (in reality caused by the Undertaker blading). Lesnar performed a Spinebuster on Undertaker and attempted a pinfall but Undertaker kicked out at 2. Lesnar attempted another pinfall but Undertaker again kicked out at 2. Undertaker got the momentum and attempted to hit an Arm Twist Ropewalk Chop, which he calls Old School on Lesnar but Lesnar dragged Undertaker down to the mat. Undertaker recovered and hit Lesnar with a Chokeslam. Undertaker made a pinfall attempt but got a near-fall. Lesnar then tried to mock Undertaker by performing Undertaker's own finisher on him, an Elevated Powerbomb, which Undertaker calls Last Ride. However, Undertaker countered it by hitting Lesnar with a Back Body Drop. Undertaker picked up Lesnar and attempted to hit him with a Last Ride but Lesnar slammed Undertaker into the turnbuckle. Lesnar started hitting Mounted Punches on Undertaker but Undertaker caught him and performed a Last Ride and attempted to pin Lesnar, but Lesnar put his hand on the rope, causing the pin break. Undertaker attempted to perform a Reverse Belly to Belly Piledriver, which he calls Tombstone Piledriver on Lesnar but Lesnar countered and performed a Fireman's Carry Facebuster, which he called F5 to win the match and to retain the WWE Championship.

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