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Published on 17 Sep 2010 | over 7 years ago

Singer: Asad Amanat Ali khan
Gharana Patyala
Tabla: Ustad Bhulli Khan .
Poet :Mazhar Tirmazi

Tranlation from Punjabi to Urdu seems an easy job but i think it was possible to do better... 1st punjabi couplet sung by Asad in this upload is also sung by Ustad Amanat Ali (with few more couplets) and i had uploaded here


Asad Amanat Ali got fame after death of his father when he sang Insha ji Utho ab kooch karo on PTV but this track became his real identity and till his death in each mehfil and program people use to request for sing "Umran langhiyan".
Basically he was from classical khayal singers Gharana known as Patiyala Gharana but he sang many film song,thumri and classical music and ragaas.
He started his singing career from Radio Pakistan Lahore then he sang for PTV and many mehfils throughout the country and abroad.
اک سوھنا ،دوجا دل دا ڈاڈھا ، تریجا لگڑا نیوں کتھائیں
ایک خوبصورت اور دوسرا دل کا سخت ، تیسرا نیچے دھیان نہ دینے والا

کون وکیل گھتاں در تیرے ایتھے جا وکیلاں دی ناہیں
تیرے در پر کونسا وکیل لے کر جاؤں کہ یہاں تو وکیل کا کوئی کام ہی نہیں ہے/کوئی جگہ ہی نہیں ہے

عمراں لنگھیاں پبھاں پار ہالے نہ وس وے کاہلیا
تمام زندگی انتظار میں گزر گئی' اے جلدباز بادل ابھی نہ برس کہ شاید وہ ابھی آ جائیں

کدے نہ سکھ سنیہا گھلیا ہالے نہ وس وے کاہلیا
کبھی بھی سکھ کا کوئی پیغام نہیں بھیجا

پھلّاں دے رنگ کالے؛ سرخ گلاباں دے موسم وچ
سرخ گلابون کے موسم میں پھولوں کا رنگ سیاہ ہے
پھولوں کا رنگ سیاہ ہے، جبکہ ابھی موسم سرخ گلابوں کا ہے

اندروں اندری واگدا رہندا پانی درد حیاتی دا
زندگی کے درد کا پانی اندر ہی اندر بہتا رہتا ہے

ساڈھیاں عمراں توں وی وڈھی عمر وے تیری
اے درد تمہاری عمر تو ہماری عمر سے بھی ذیادہ ہے

ہر ویلے تانگاں یار دیاں میں تاں بیٹھی کاگ اڈاراں
ہر لمحہ مجھے محبوب کی طلب ہے اور میں بیٹھی کاگ اڑاتی رہتی ہوں

آپ ونجاں کہ قاصد بھیجاں میرا تھیں گئیوں حال بیماراں
میں خود جاؤں یا قاصد بھیجوں ، میرا حال بیماروں جیسا ہو گیا ہے

غلام فریدا میں تاں ایوں وچھڑی جیویں وچھڑی کونج قطاراں
غلام فرید مین تو ایسے بچھڑی جیسے کونج اپنی قطار سے بچھڑتی ہے

When he was 10 years old he recorded his first song, which featured on his grandfather's debut album. He had also been interested in academics and often said if not a singer, he would love to be a pilot. He joined a private institution however and began singing professionally after completing his F.A. He started his musical career performing "Thumri" and then went on to record some of his most popular Punjabi numbers and Ghazals, such as "Umra Lagian", "Zara Zara", "Kal Chaudwin Ki Raat", and "Ghar Wapas Jab". One of the songs that featured in almost every concert he performed, arguably his biggest hit, was "Insha Ji Utho" (Originally sung by his father).
Asad worked for Pakistan Television for several years. Nisar Bazmi, composer and PTV producer, who died one week before him, gave him his first break, introducing the artist to the world on live television. He retained his affiliation with television through the years, recording over 1,000 songs. Asad also contributed to the Pakistani film industry, featuring on a number of soundtracks. Moreover, he caught the attention of neighboring Bollywood and contributed to soundtracks there too.
Asad also sang as a member of singing duo with his uncle Hamid Ali Khan. Asad owed much of his early recognition to his late father's famous numbers. Quite often his concert would round off with "Insha'a Jee utho, abb cooch karo" (Get up O Insha! It's time to leave the world) — a song that finds another ironic reference in Asad's death. Ibn-e-Insha who wrote it, Amanat Ali and Asad Amanat who sang it — all died relatively young. Other than music and the family name, Asad inherited from his father a passion to act in films. But the affair was cut short after an unsuccessful attempt.
Asad Amanat Ali was also famed for his "soz-o-salam" recitations in Urdu describing the events of Karbala during Ashura in Muharram, and appeared on many radio and television specials about Karbala over the years before his death..
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