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Published on 16 Jun 2016 | about 1 year ago

Original video "Palestinian tourist dancing in Italy" here: youtu.be/GSHTsyJlGbE This is Palestinian dancer and choreographer Rima Baransi (Arabic: ريما برانسي) with her family in Trieste, Italy. Her father Assad Baransi (Arabic: الأسد برانسي) recorded this video while encouraging her to dance to the music. They were visiting the town as tourists.
I have been informed that the following is Rima Baransi's official Facebook page:
Rima Baransi's website:

After a couple of days of work, searching and emailing, I have discovered who the violinist is.

In this video Slovak violinist Ivo Remenec is performing a violin adaptation of the song entitled “Comptine d'un Autre Eté: l'Après Midi” by French musician and composer Yann Tiersen: youtu.be/W5_xFH5wqKM This song features in the soundtrack of the film "Amélie" (French title: Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain).
Ivo Remenec is a member of the "Adventure Strings" string quartet:
| www.adventurestrings.sk/en/page/clen-ivo.html
| www.facebook.com/AdventureStrings/
Ivo Remenec's Facebook page and YouTube channel:
| www.facebook.com/ivo.remenec
| www.youtube.com/channel/UC22uHip-HMOIeK3SrqCTgcw

English translation of what is said:

Father (Assad Baransi): C'mon Rima! C'mon! Here I am filming, c'mon Rima for God's sake! For my sake! For my sake! C'mon start! [Do it!], C'mon Daddy! (here it's normal for Dads to call their child "Dad", and Moms to call them "Mom").

I was very touched by this video and wanted to use my video editing skills to try correcting in a graceful way the issue of the video turning between vertical and horizontal orientations found in the original recording here. → youtu.be/GSHTsyJlGbE

More videos that feature Rima Baransi's dancing/work:

| vimeo.com/165793735
| vimeo.com/167266998
| vimeo.com/161740432
| youtu.be/U79d2Kzkjzc
| youtu.be/dnfG75sRZXw
| youtu.be/ScOzhmIyDUk

Note: Outside of its limited YouTube usage here on my channel, I do not hold rights for this video or the music heard in it. Please contact the video rights holder at the above original video link or above Facebook page (or personal website) for requests to use it or for requests for additional information. For those who have their authorization I am happy to have my version be available for usage with no need to contact me. Also note that starting on June 21, 2016 this content has been claimed via YouTube's Content-ID system on behalf of the rights holders. The revenue this video generates benefits the rights holders and not myself (no revenue has ever been earned for InTouchMediaOnYT from this video).

To direct comments to members of the Baransi family please use the above link to their original video or to Rima Baransi's official Facebook page (or personal website) also linked above.

الرقص المعاصر
ريمة برانسي
تريست، إيطاليا
"Ballerina from Palestine could not resist the melody of a street musician in Italy"

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