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Donate your car donate your car to charity how to donate car charitable car donations..
Donate your car donate your car to charity how to donate car charitable car donations..
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Cars For a Cure® Vehicle Donation Program
1 out of 3 people will face a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. Rather than selling or trading in your used car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, RV, or boat on a trailer, consider donating it the American Cancer Society. Your car donation will help save lives that might otherwise be lost to the disease.

Charitable Car Donations to Help Fight Cancer

When you donate your car, your gift helps fund groundbreaking research, programs and services for cancer patients and their families, education, and advocacy. Here’s what else your vehicle donation can help us do:No single organization does more to finish the fight against cancer.

Your car or other vehicle donation can help us do more because proceeds from the sale of your donated vehicle fund lifesaving cancer research, education, advocacy, and free patient services programs.Cars For a Cure® donation is free and easy.

To you, it might just be a “hunk of junk”, but your car donation could bring hope to cancer patients. That’s why we work hard to maximize the proceeds of every car donation, and accept running and not-running vehicles with transferable titles. Not only is the process free and easy, but your vehicle donation may be eligible for a tax deduction (please consult your tax advisor for individual details).

Help take us close
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You can help protect animals by donating your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, Jet Ski, airplane, or motor home. Our vehicle donation program follows a simple process that will save you precious time (because you won’t have to sell your vehicle yourself), and the proceeds from the sale will directly benefit our work to expose and stop cruelty to animals.

PETA can accept vehicles in any condition from all 50 states.

How It Works

Fill out the vehicle donation form online.
A service representative from Vehicle Donation to Any Charity (V-DAC) will arrange to tow your vehicle at your convenience.
V-DAC will send you an IRS tax receipt for your records.
Why Donate Your Vehicle to PETA?

You will be supporting PETA’s lifesaving work to stop cruelty to animals.
It’s a free, fast, and easy alternative to selling or trading.
You can receive a tax write-off.
If you are interested in donating your vehicle, please visit the vehicle donation Web site or call 1-877-PETA-GIV (1-877-738-2448) and a vehicle donation agent will help you through the donation process.

For additional assistance, please email . Thank you for taking the time to consider the many ways in which you can help animals!

Donate Your Vehicle to Charity
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Donate Your Vehicle and Support Develop Africa!
Turn Your vehicle into dollar$ - Instead of selling, trading or storing your vehicle, you can make a donation and receive a tax deduction.

We accept cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles, campers and more.

1. Vehicle Donation Processing Center is one of the nation's


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